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Data from: Phylogenetic measures of plant communities show long-term change and impacts of fire management in tallgrass prairie remnants

Daniel J. Larkin, Andrew L. Hipp, Jens Kattge, William Prescott, Rebecca K. Tonietto, Sarah K. Jacobi & Marlin L. Bowles
1. Phylogenies are increasingly incorporated into ecological studies on the basis that evolutionary relatedness broadly correlates with trait similarity. However, phylogenetic approaches have rarely been applied to monitoring long-term community change or guiding management. 2. We analysed a 25-year resampling data set (1976–2001) of 41 tallgrass prairie remnants (Illinois, USA) to test for phylogenetic signals of plant community structure, change, environmental associations, fire management and functional traits. A community phylogeny was constructed using GenBank sequences...

Data from: Molecular and morphological perspectives on the circumscription of Carex section Heleoglochin (Cyperaceae)

Ana Molina, Kyong-Sook Chung & Andrew L. Hipp
Vignea is the only monophyletic subgenus in the genus Carex (Cyperaceae), comprising nearly 300 members grouped into 19–28 sections. Molecular studies have demonstrated that most of these sections are polyphyletic. Here, we seek to clarify the relationships among species in section Heleoglochin based on phylogenetic and morphological analyses. We analyzed sequence data using nuclear ribosomal DNA internal and external transcriber spacer regions of 60 representative specimens of sect. Heleoglochin, representing the full geographic range of...

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  • 2015

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  • Morton Arboretum
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Leon
  • Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry