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Data from: Bayesian hierarchical models for spatially misaligned data in R

Andrew O. Finley, Sudipto Banerjee & Bruce D. Cook
Spatial misalignment occurs when at least one of multiple outcome variables is missing at an observed location. For spatial data, prediction of these missing observations should be informed by within location association among outcomes and by proximate locations where measurements were recorded. This study details and illustrates a Bayesian regression framework for modelling spatially misaligned multivariate data. Particular attention is paid to developing valid probability models capable of estimating parameter posterior distributions and propagating uncertainty...

Data from: Mechanistic insights into landscape genetic structure of two tropical amphibians using field-derived resistance surfaces

A. Justin Nowakowski, J. Andrew DeWoody, Matthew E. Fagan, Janna R. Willoughby & Maureen A. Donnelly
Conversion of forests to agriculture often fragments distributions of forest species and can disrupt gene flow. We examined effects of prevalent land uses on genetic connectivity of two amphibian species in northeastern Costa Rica. We incorporated data from field surveys and experiments to develop resistance surfaces that represent local mechanisms hypothesized to modify dispersal success of amphibians, such as habitat-specific predation and desiccation risk. Because time lags can exist between forest conversion and genetic responses,...

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  • 2014

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  • University of Minnesota
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