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Data from: Phylogeography of a Tertiary relict plant, Meconopsis cambrica (Papaveraceae), implies the existence of northern refugia for a temperate herb

Francisco J. Valtueña, Christopher D. Preston & Joachim W. Kadereit
The perennial herb Meconopsis cambrica, a western European endemic, is the only European species of the otherwise Himalayan genus Meconopsis and has been interpreted as a Tertiary relict species. Using rbcL and ITS sequence variation, we date the split between M. cambrica and its sister clade Papaver s.str. to the Middle to Upper Miocene (12.8 My, 6.4-19.2 My HPD). Within M. cambrica, cpDNA sequence variation reveals the existence of two groups of populations with a...

Data from: Evolutionary significance of the invasion of introduced populations into the native range of Meconopsis cambrica

Francisco J Valtueña, Christopher D Preston & Joachim W Kadereit
The long history of the deliberate or accidental, human-mediated dispersal of flowering plants has led to the introduction of foreign genotypes of many species into areas of Europe hitherto occupied by potentially distinct native populations. Studies of the genetic and evolutionary consequences of such changes are handicapped by the difficulty of identifying the surviving native populations of many species in the absence of clear morphological differences. We investigated the relationship between putative native and introduced...

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