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Data from: Spot size, distance, and emissivity errors in field applications of infrared thermography

Glenn Tattersall & Núria Playà-Montmany
Infrared thermography is increasingly emerging as an analytical approach within the thermal ecology research community, providing unique and rapid temperature information crucial to understanding how plants and animals exchange heat with their environment. What is difficult to appreciate are the numerous ways in which thermography may still yield inaccurate (i.e., deviation from the “correct” value) information if certain tenets are not followed. In this paper, we examine, demonstrate, and discuss these tenets with an aim...

Playa-Montmany, et al.: The thermoregulatory role of relative bill and leg surface areas in a Mediterranean population of Great tit

Núria Playà-Montmany, Erick González-Medina, Julián Cabello-Vergel, Manuel Parejo, José M. Abad-Gómez, Juan M. Sánchez-Guzmán, Auxiliadora Villegas & José A. Masero
There is growing evidence on the role of legs and bill as ‘thermal windows’ in birds coping with heat stress. However, there is a lack of empirical work examining the relationship between the relative bill and/or leg surface areas and key thermoregulatory traits such as the limits of the thermoneutral zone (TNZ) or the cooling efficiency at high temperatures. Here, we explored this relationship in a Mediterranean population of Great tit (Parus major) facing increasing...

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  • 2021

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