Data from: Bioacoustics reveals two new syntopic species of Adenomera Steindachner (Anura: Leptodactylidae: Leptodactylinae) in the Cerrado of central Brazil

Thiago Ribeiro De Carvalho & Ariovaldo Antonio Giaretta
In this paper, we describe two syntopic species of Adenomera from the Chapada dos Veadeiros microregion, northern State of Goiás, central Brazil, recognized based on morphology, color patterns, and bioacoustics. Specimens and calls were obtained in the Municipality of Teresina de Goiás, central Brazil. Adenomera cotuba sp. nov. is diagnosed from the other 16 congeneric species by its 1) small size (adult male SVL 18.6–20.5 mm) and very robust body; 2) dorsum glandular/granular with no...

Registration Year

  • 2013

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  • Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais