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Data from: Effects of 4-Hydroxy-2,3,3',4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl (4-OH-CB107) on liver transcriptome in rats: implication in the disruption of circadian rhythm and fatty acid metabolism

Mari Ochiai, Midori Iida, Tetsuro Agusa, Kohki Takaguchi, Satoshi Fujii, Kei Nomiyama & Hisato Iwata
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and their hydroxylated metabolites (OH-PCBs) have been detected in tissues of both wild animals and humans. Several previous studies have suggested adverse effects of OH-PCBs on the endocrine and nervous systems in mammals. However, there have been no studies on transcriptome analysis of the effects of OH-PCBs, and thus, the whole picture and mechanisms underlying the adverse effects induced by OH-PCBs are still poorly understood. We therefore investigated the mRNA expression profile...

Data from: Trophic niche breadth of pond zooplankton species using stable isotope analysis and the relationship with the abiotic and biotic factors

Hideyuki Doi, Kwang-Hyeon Chang & Shin-Ichi Nakano
1. Zooplankton species have different feeding habits, but the diversity of their food resources and the factors governing them are still largely unknown. We here estimated the differences in the trophic niche breadths of dominant zooplankton species in ponds, using stable isotopes. 2. To understand the differences in trophic niches of different zooplankton species, we measured the carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios and calculated the nearest neighbor distance (NND), and standard deviation of NND...

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  • 2018

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  • Ehime University
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  • University of Hyogo
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