Data from: Ascertaining gene flow patterns in livestock populations of developing countries: a case study in Burkina Faso goat

Amadou Traoré, Isabel Álvarez, Iván Fernández, Lucía Pérez-Pardal, Adama Kaboré, Gisèlle M. S. Ouédraogo-Sanou, Yacouba Zaré, Hamidou H. Tambourá & Félix Goyache
BACKGROUND: Introgression of Sahel livestock genes southwards in West Africa may be favoured by human activity and the increase of the duration of the dry seasons since the 1970’s. The aim of this study is to assess the gene flow patterns in Burkina Faso goat and to ascertain the most likely factors influencing geographic patterns of genetic variation in the Burkina Faso goat population. RESULTS: A total of 520 goat were sampled in 23 different...

Registration Year

  • 2012

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  • Dataset


  • Institut de l'Environnement et Recherches Agricoles
  • Servicio Regional de Investigación y Desarrollo Agroalimentario