Data from: Understanding geographic origins and history of admixture among chimpanzees in European zoos, with implications for future breeding programmes

Christina Hvilsom, Peter Frandsen, Claus Børsting, Frands Carlsen, Bettina Sallé, Bo T. Simonsen & Hans R. Siegismund
Despite ample focus on this endangered species, conservation planning for chimpanzees residing outside Africa has proven a challenge because of the lack of ancestry information. Here, we analysed the largest number of chimpanzee samples to date, examining microsatellites in >100 chimpanzees from the range of the species in Africa, and 20% of the European zoo population. We applied the knowledge about subspecies differentiation throughout equatorial Africa to assign origin to chimpanzees in the largest conservation...

Registration Year

  • 2013

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  • Dataset


  • Copenhagen Zoo
  • University of Copenhagen