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Stratigraphic column of the Xiazhen Formation with the 18 stromatoporoid-bearing intervals (clathrodictyid stromatoporoids)

Juwan Jeon
Clathrodictyids are the most abundant stromatoporoids in the Upper Ordovician Xiazhen Formation (middle to upper Katian) of South China. A total of nine species belonging to four clathrodictyid genera are identified in the formation, including Clathrodictyon idense (Webby and Banks, 1976), Clathrodictyon cf. Cl. microundulatum (Nestor, 1964), Clathrodictyon cf. Cl. mammillatum (Schmidt, 1858), Clathrodictyon megalamellatum Jeon n. sp., Clathrodictyon plicatum (Webby and Banks, 1976), Ecclimadictyon nestori Webby, 1969, Ecclimadictyon undatum (Webby and Banks, 1976), Camptodictyon...

Data from: A new approach for investigating spatial relationships of ichnofossils: a case study of Ediacaran–Cambrian animal traces

Emily Mitchell, Scott Evans, Zhe Chen & Shuhai Xiao
Abstract — Trace fossils record foraging behaviours, the search for resources in patchy environments, of animals in the rock record. Quantification of the strength, density and nature of foraging behaviours enables the investigation of how these may have changed through time. Here, we present a novel approach to explore such patterns using spatial point process analyses to quantify the scale and strength of ichnofossil spatial distributions on horizontal bedding planes. To demonstrate the utility of...

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