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Supporting data for \"Direct observation of changing NOx lifetime in North American cities\"

Joshua Laughner & Ronald Cohen
NOx lifetime can be directly observed from space, and has a nonlinear relationship with its own concentration. At high NOx concentrations, NOx lifetime decreases with decreasing concentration, but at intermediate concentrations, the reverse is true. Here we show that urban NOx lifetime in North America has changed between 2005 and 2014. The shape of these changes is qualitatively consistent with a steady-state model of NOx lifetime with decreasing NOx emissions. The pattern of change suggests...

Data from: Interaction of the westerlies with the Tibetan Plateau in determining the mei-yu termination

Wenwen Kong & John Chiang
Boundary topography and model output for "Interaction of the westerlies with the Tibetan Plateau in determining the mei-yu termination" This dataset contains the boundary topography files and key model outputs used in: Kong, W., and J. C. H. Chiang, Interaction of the westerlies with the Tibetan Plateau in determining the mei-yu termination. Accepted with minor revision, Journal of Climate, September 2019

Data from: Anacapa Toolkit: an environmental DNA toolkit for processing multilocus metabarcode datasets

Emily E. Curd, Zack Gold, Gaurav S. Kandlikar, Jesse Gomer, Max Ogden, Taylor O'Connell, Lenore Pipes, Teia M. Schweizer, Laura Rabichow, Meixi Lin, Baochen Shi, Paul H. Barber, Nathan Kraft, Robert Wayne & Rachel S. Meyer
1. Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding is a promising method to monitor species and community diversity that is rapid, affordable, and non-invasive. Longstanding needs of the eDNA community are modular informatics tools, comprehensive and customizable reference databases, flexibility across high-throughput sequencing platforms, fast multilocus metabarcode processing, and accurate taxonomic assignment. As bioinformatics tools continue to improve, addressing each of these demands within a single bioinformatics toolkit is becoming a reality. 2. Here we present an open...

Data from: Spider webs, stable isotopes and molecular gut content analysis: multiple lines of evidence support trophic niche differentiation in a community of Hawaiian spiders

Susan Kennedy, Jun Ying Lim, Joanne Clavel, Henrik Krehenwinkel & Rosemary G. Gillespie
1. Adaptive radiations are typically characterized by niche partitioning among their constituent species. Trophic niche partitioning is particularly important in predatory animals, which rely on limited food resources for survival. 2. We test for trophic niche partitioning in an adaptive radiation of Hawaiian Tetragnatha spiders, which have diversified in situ on the Hawaiian Islands. We focus on a community of nine species belonging to two different clades, one web building and the other actively hunting,...

Muntiacus muntjak and Muntiacus reevesi supporting files

Austin Mudd, Jessen Bredeson, Rachel Baum, Dirk Hockemeyer & Daniel Rokhsar
Available Files: Mmuntjak.cds.fasta.gz - Nucleotide sequences of the coding regions from M. muntjak gene annotations. Mmuntjak.gff.gz - Gene annotations for M. muntjak from Gene Model Mapper (v1.5.3). Mmuntjak.pep.fasta.gz - Peptide sequences of the coding regions from M. muntjak gene annotations. Mmuntjak.repeat_lib.fasta.gz - De novo repeats from RepeatModeler (v1.0.11) for M. muntjak as well as ancestral Cetartiodactyla repeats from RepBase (downloaded November 8, 2018). Mreevesi.cds.fasta.gz - Nucleotide sequences of the coding regions from M. reevesi gene...

Predicted percentage dissatisfied with ankle draft

Shichao Liu & Stefano Schiavon
We collected subjective responses on thermal comfort from 110 college students when their lower legs and ankles were exposed to air at different environment conditions (e.g., air speed and temperature). A draft risk model was developed based on the laboratory results. One can find more description in our original papers. S. Liu, S. Schiavon, A. Kabanshi, W.W. Nazaroff, Predicted percentage dissatisfied with ankle draft, Indoor Air. 27 (2017) 852–862. S. Schiavon, D. Rim, W. Pasut,...

Data from: Tropical arboreal ants form dominance hierarchies over nesting resources

Senay Yitbarek & Stacy M. Philpott
Interspecific dominance hierarchies have been widely reported across animal systems. High-ranking species are expected to monopolize more resources than low-ranking species via resource monopolization. In some ant species, dominance hierarchies have been used to explain species coexistence and community structure. However, it remains unclear whether or in what contexts dominance hierarchies occur in tropical ant communities. This study seeks to examine whether arboreal twig-nesting ants competing for nesting resources in a Mexican coffee agricultural ecosystem...

Ancestral male recombination in Drosophila albomicans produced geographically restricted neo-Y chromosome haplotypes varying in age and onset of decay

Kevin Wei & Doris Bachtrog
Male Drosophila typically have achiasmatic meiosis, and fusions between autosomes and the Y chromosome have repeatedly created non-recombining neo-Y chromosomes that degenerate. Intriguingly, Drosophila nasuta males recombine, but their close relative D. albomicans reverted back to achiasmy after evolving neo-sex chromosomes. Here we use genome-wide polymorphism data to reconstruct the complex evolutionary history of neo-sex chromosomes in D. albomicans and examine the effect of recombination and its cessation on the initiation of neo-Y decay. Population...

Redefining Near-Unity Luminescence in Quantum Dots with Photothermal Threshold Quantum Yield

David Hanifi, Noah Bronstein, Brent Koscher, Zach Nett, Joseph Swabeck, Kaori Takano, Adam Schwartzberg, Lorenzo Maserati, Koen Vandewal, Yoeri Van De Burgt, Alberto Salleo & Paul Alivisatos
Herin is the code and example data sets for the publication titled: "Redefining Near-Unity Luminescence in Quantum Dots with Photothermal Threshold Quantum Yield." The abstract of this paper is as follows. A variety of optical applications rely on the absorption and reemission of light. The quantum yield of this process often plays an essential role. When the quantum yield deviates from unity by significantly less than 1%, applications such as luminescent concentrators and optical refrigerators...

Data from: Differential gene expression in relation to mating system in Peromyscine rodents

Jesyka Melendez-Rosa, Ke Bi & Eileen A. Lacey
Behaviors that increase an individual's exposure to pathogens are expected to have important effects on immunoactivity. Because sexual reproduction typically requires close contact among conspecifics, mating systems provide an ideal opportunity to study the immunogenetic correlates of behaviors with high versus low risks of pathogen exposure. Despite logical links between polygynandrous mating behavior, increased pathogen exposure, and greater immunoactivity, these relationships have seldom been examined in nonhuman vertebrates. To explore interactions among these variables in...

Data from: The 15-year post-treatment response of a mixed-conifer understory plant community to thinning and burning treatments

Matthew Hurteau, Marrissa Goodwin, Malcolm North, Harold Zald & Brandon Collins
Disturbance is central to maintaining diversity in forest ecosystems. In the dry forests of the western United States, over a century of fire exclusion has altered the fire regimes of these forests, resulting in high fuel loads and a loss of plant diversity. Mechanical thinning and prescribed fire are widely used to restore structural complexity and species diversity in many western U.S. forests. While studies have shown that the reintroduction of fire into these forests...

The effect of influenza vaccination for the elderly on hospitalization and mortality: an observational study with a regression-discontinuity design

, Carlos Dobkin & Devon Gorry
Replication files for "The Effect of Influenza Vaccination for the Elderly on Hospitalization and Mortality: An Observational Study with a Regression-Discontinuity Design", published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Videos of Gold Nanorods Etching in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy- 42 mM FeCl3

Matthew Hauwiller, Justin Ondry & A. Paul Alivisatos
Premade gold nanorods were etched in a graphene liquid cell and imaged using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). An aqueous solution of gold nanorods, Tris Buffer-HCl, and FeCl3 was encapsulated between graphene sheets. The final concentration of FeCl3 was 42 mM. Through a combination of the electron beam-generated radiolysis products and the FeCl3, the nanorods underwent non-equilibrium etching. See associated papers for more details.

Synthetic Log-Conductivity

Bradley Harken
This dataset contains the baseline fields for the case study described in the manuscript Hydrogeological Modeling and Water Resources Management: Improving the Link between Data, Prediction, and Decision-Making (Water Resources Research, under review). The data are described in the files readme.txt and example_code.R.

ArXiV Archive

R.Stuart Geiger
This is a full archive of metadata about papers on arxiv.org from 1993-2018, including abstracts. Data is tidy and packed in TSV files, in two different collections of the total dataset: per year (all categories) and per primary category (all years). This archive also includes Jupyter notebooks for unpacking and analyzing it in python. See the README.md file and https://github.com/staeiou/arxiv_archive for more information.

Data from: The effects of microhabitat specialization on mating communication in a wolf spider

Malcolm F. Rosenthal, Eileen A. Hebets, Benji Kessler, Rowan McGinley & Damian O. Elias
Animal signals experience selection for detectability, which is determined in large part by the signal transmission properties of the habitat. Understanding the ecological context in which communication takes place is therefore critical to understanding selection on the form of communication signals. In order to determine the influence of environmental heterogeneity on signal transmission, we focus on a wolf spider species native to central Florida, Schizocosa floridana, in which males court females using a substrate-borne vibratory...

Multiple sequence alignment for the native Norwegian vascular plant phylogeny

Ida M. Mienna, James D.M. Speed, Mika Bendiksby, Andrew H. Thornhill, Brent D. Mishler & Michael D. Martin
Methods: We produced a multi-locus Maximum Likelihood (ML) phylogeny using a combination of newly produced DNA sequences from herbarium specimens and sequences available from public repositories. We combined the phylogeny with species occurrence data to estimate phylogenetic diversity and phylogenetic endemism across Norway, using a spatial randomization to judge statistical significance. We used multiple-model inference to identify environmental variables that contributed the most to the patterns of phylogenetic diversity. Finally, we estimated phylogenetic turnover and...

Data from: Comparative landscape genetics reveals the evolution of viviparity reduces genetic connectivity in fire salamanders

André Lourenço, João Gonçalves, Filipe Carvalho, Ian J Wang & Guillermo Velo Antón
Evolutionary changes in reproductive mode may affect co-evolving traits, such as dispersal, though this subject remains largely underexplored. The shift from aquatic oviparous or larviparous reproduction to terrestrial viviparous reproduction in some amphibians entails skipping the aquatic larval stage and, thus, greater independence from water. Accordingly, amphibians exhibiting terrestrial viviparous reproduction may potentially disperse across a wider variety of sub-optimal habitats and increase population connectivity in fragmented landscapes compared to aquatic-breeding species. We investigated this...

Data from: The environmental determinants of total evaporative water loss in birds at multiple temperatures

Soorim Song & Steven Beissinger
Endotherms dissipate heat to the environment to maintain a stable body temperature at high ambient temperatures, which requires them to maintain a balance between heat dissipation and water conservation. Birds are relatively small, contain a large amount of metabolically expensive tissue, and are mostly diurnal, making them susceptible to physiological challenges related to water balance and heat dissipation. We compiled total evaporative water loss (TEWL) measurements for 172 species of birds exposed to different temperatures...

Temporal Inflection Points in Decorated Pottery: a Bayesian Refinement of the Late Formative Chronology in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia

Christine Hastorf, Erik Marsh, Andrew Roddick, Maria Bruno, Scott Smith & John Janusek
The Late Formative Period immediately precedes the emergence of Tiwanaku, one of the earliest South American states, yet is one of the most poorly understood periods in the southern Lake Titicaca Basin (Bolivia). In this paper, we refine this period’s ceramic chronology with large sets of dates from eight sites, focusing on temporal inflection points in decorated ceramic styles. These points, estimated here by Bayesian models, index specific moments of change: (1) cal AD 140...

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