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Water temperatures inside and outside an oak tree hibernaculum used by spotted turtles in central Pennsylvania

Roy Nagle, Travis Russell & Ryan Rimple
Water temperatures inside a swamp white oak tree hibernaculum used by spotted turtles, and at the bottom of the pool outside the tree, recorded every 30 minutes from December 2020 through mid–March 2021 with a Hobo U12-008 data logger and TMC temperature sensors (Onset Computer, Pocasset, MA). Sensors were placed at the bottom of the pool inside the tree (verified with the endoscopic camera) and at the bottom of the center of the pool outside...

Sebastes genomic islands of divergence

Kristen Behrens, Quinn Girasek, Alex Sickler, John Hyde & Vincent Buonaccorsi
Depth separation is a proposed driver of speciation in marine fishes, with marine rockfish (genus Sebastes) providing a potentially informative study system. Sebastes rockfishes are commercially and ecologically important. This genus encompasses more than one hundred species and the ecological and morphological variance between these species provides opportunity for identifying speciation-driving adaptations, particularly along a depth gradient. A reduced-representation sequencing method (ddRADseq) was used to compare 95 individuals encompassing six Sebastes species. In this study,...

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  • 2021

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  • Juniata College
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