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Data from: More for less: sampling strategies of plant functional traits across local environmental gradients

Carlos P. Carmona, Cristina Rota, Francisco M. Azcárate & Begoña Peco
Ecologists use approaches based on plant functional traits to tackle several fundamental and applied questions. Although a perfect characterization of functional trait structure requires the measurement of all the individuals in communities, this is prohibitively resource-consuming. Consequently, the general practice is to average the trait values of a reduced number of individuals per species. However, there are different alternatives regarding the number, identity and spatial location of the individuals chosen to calculate species-averaged trait values....

Data from: Causes of variation in biotic interaction strength and phenotypic selection along an altitudinal gradient

Eduardo T. Mezquida & Craig W. Benkman
Understanding the causes of variation in biotic interaction strength and phenotypic selection remains one of the outstanding goals of evolutionary ecology. Here we examine the variation in strength of interactions between two seed predators, common crossbills (Loxia curvirostra) and European red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris), and mountain pine (Pinus uncinata) at and below tree limit in the Pyrenees, and how this translates into phenotypic selection. Seed predation by crossbills increased whereas seed predation by squirrels decreased...

Data from: Wolbachia effects in natural populations of Chorthippus parallelus from the Pyrenean hybrid zone.

Jose L. Bella, Godfrey M. Hewitt, Mario Zabal-Aguirre, Francisca Arroyo, Javier Garcia-Hurtado & Joaquina De La Torre
We evaluate for the first time the effect of Wolbachia infection, involving two different supergoups, on the structure and dynamics of the hybrid zone between two subspecies of Chorthippus parallelus (Orthoptera) in the Pyrenees. Wolbachia infection showed no effects on female fecundity or a slight increment in females infected by F supergroup although in the last case it has to be well-established. Cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI) is confirmed in crosses carried out in the field between...

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  • 2014

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