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Data from: Assessing vulnerability of functional diversity to species loss: a case study in Mediterranean agricultural systems

Carlos P. Carmona, Irene Guerrero, Manuel B. Morales, Juan J. Oñate & Begoña Peco
Increasing land-use intensification is leading to biodiversity losses world-wide, which can reduce the functioning of ecosystems. However, it is increasingly clear that not all species are equally important for ecosystem processes: whereas the loss of a functionally unique species may reduce the capacity of the community to perform some functions, losing a functionally redundant species should have a much smaller impact. Assessing the vulnerability of functional diversity (FD) to species extinctions can help to predict...

Data from: Isodars unveil asymmetric effects on habitat use caused by competition between two endangered species

Rocío Tarjuelo, Juan Traba, Manuel B. Morales & Douglas W. Morris
In order for competing species to coexist, segregation on some ecological niche component is required and is often mediated by differential habitat use. When unequal competitors are involved, the dominant species tends to displace the subordinate one to its less preferred habitat. Here, we use habitat isodars, an approach which reflects evolutionary stable strategies of habitat selection, to evaluate whether interspecific competition between two competing species with distinct habitat preferences, the little bustard Tetrax tetrax...

Data from:Inferring flight parameters of Mesozoic avians through multivariate analyses of forelimb elements in their living relatives

Francisco J. Serrano, Paul Palmqvist, Luis M. Chiappe & José L. Sanz
Our knowledge of the diversity, ecology, and phylogeny of Mesozoic birds has increased significantly during recent decades, yet our understanding of their flight competence remains poor. Wing loading (WL) and aspect ratio (AR) are two aerodynamically relevant parameters, as they relate to energy costs of aerial locomotion and flight maneuverability. They can be calculated in living birds (i.e., Neornithes) from body mass (BM), wingspan (B) and lift surface (SL). However, the estimates for extinct birds...

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  • 2016

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