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Asymmetric responses of resource use efficiency to previous-year precipitation in a semi-arid grassland

Juanjuan Han, Jiquan Chen, Weiyu Shi, Jian Song, Dafeng Hui, Jingyi Ru & Shiqiang Wan
1. Intensified inter-annual fluctuations in precipitation could profoundly impact terrestrial ecosystems. However, how changes previous-year precipitation influence current ecosystem functioning (e.g., resource use efficiency) in semi-arid regions remains unclear. 2. In this study, water use efficiency (WUE) and light use efficiency (LUE) were investigated in a multi-year precipitation gradient experiment with seven treatment levels: 20%, 40% and 60% decreases and 20%, 40% and 60% increases in the amount of natural rainfall plus ambient precipitation. Plots...

Long-term litter removal rather than litter addition enhances ecosystem carbon sequestration in a temperate steppe

Jing Wang, Ang Zhang, Yujin Zheng, Jian Song, Jingyi Ru, Mengmei Zheng, Dafeng Hui & Shiqiang Wan
1. Global change can greatly affect plant productivity and subsequently litter input to soil, with potential impacts on soil carbon (C) fluxes. However, the effects of litter layer in mediating C cycling and budget at an ecosystem scale is still not clear. 2. As part of a long-term litter fall manipulation experiment in a temperate steppe on the Mongolian Plateau, this study was conducted to explore effects of litter removal and addition on ecosystem C...

Responses of soil temperature, moisture, and respiration to five-year warming and nitrogen addition in a semi-arid grassland

Jian Song, Jianyang Xia, Dafeng Hui, Mengmei Zheng, Jing Wang, Jingyi Ru, Haidao Wang, Qingshan Zhang, Chao Yang & Shiqiang Wan
How climate warming interacts with atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition to affect carbon (C) release from soils remains largely elusive, posing a major challenge in projecting climate change‒terrestrial C feedback. As part of a five-year (2006–2010) field manipulative experiment, this study was designed to examine the effects of 24-hour continuous warming and N addition on soil respiration and explore the underlying mechanisms in a semi-arid grassland on the Mongolian Plateau, China. Across the five years and...

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