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Data from: From parasitism to mutualism: unexpected interactions between a cuckoo and its host

Daniela Canestrari, Diana Bolopo, Ted C. J. Turlings, Gregory Röder, José M. Marcos & Vittorio Baglione
Avian brood parasites lay eggs in the nests of other birds, which raise the unrelated chicks and typically suffer partial or complete loss of their own brood. However, carrion crows Corvus corone corone can benefit from parasitism by the great spotted cuckoo Clamator glandarius. Parasitized nests have lower rates of predation-induced failure due to production of a repellent secretion by cuckoo chicks, but among nests that are successful, those with cuckoo chicks fledge fewer crows....

Data from: A three-dimensional computer simulation of feeding behaviour in red and giant pandas relates skull biomechanics with dietary niche partitioning

Borja Figueirido, Zhijie Jack Tseng, Francisco J. Serrano-Alarcón, Alberto Martín-Serra & Juan F. Pastor
The red (Ailurus fulgens) and giant (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) pandas are mammalian carnivores convergently adapted to a bamboo feeding diet. However, whereas Ailurus forage almost entirely on younger leaves, fruits and tender trunks, Ailuropoda rely more on trunks and stems. Such a difference in foraging mode is considered as strategy for resource partitioning where they are sympatric. Here we use FEA to test for mechanical differences and similarities in skull performance between Ailurus and Ailuropoda related...

Data from: Health impact assessment of air pollution in Valladolid, Spain

Mario Cárdaba Arranz, María Fe Muñoz Moreno, Alicia Armentia Medina, Margarita Alonso Capitán, Fernando Carreras Vaquer & Ana Almaraz Gómez
Objective: to estimate the attributable and targeted avoidable deaths of outdoor air pollution by ambient PM10, PM2.5 and O3 according to specific WHO methodology. Design: health impact assessment. Setting:City of Valladolid, Spain (around 300.000 residents). Data sources: demographics; mortality; pollutant concentrations collected 1999-2008. Main outcome measures: attributable fractions (AFs); attributable and targeted avoidable deaths (ADs; TADs) per year for 1999 – 2008. Results: Higher TADs estimates (shown here) were obtained when assuming as “target” concentrations...

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  • 2014

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  • University of Valladolid
  • University of Oviedo
  • University of Neuchâtel
  • University of Malaga
  • American Museum of Natural History