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DFT and experimental investigations on the photocatalytic activities of NiO nanobelts for removal of organic pollutants - data

Narasimharao Kitchamsetti, Mrunmay S Ramteke, Sachin R Rondiya, Sameena R Mulani, Madhuri S Patil, Russell W Cross, Nelson Y Dzade & Rupesh S Devan
NiO nanobelts synthesized using the hydrothermal method are explored for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants like RhB, MO, MB, and CV. The XPS analysis confirmed the formation of the stoichiometric NiO nanobelts. Few micrometer long cubic crystalline NiO nanobelts of the average thickness of ~ 75 nm delivered a bandgap of 4.07 eV. The FTIR studies revealed that the mesoporous NiO nanobelts delivered stable photocatalytic activities after controlled irradiation under xenon lamp. The kinetic studies...

Data from: Experimental and numerical investigations on spray characteristics of fatty acid methyl esters

Rajan D. Lanjekar & Devendra Deshmukh
The comparative experimental and numerical study is conducted to establish the significance of the use of single component over the multi-component representative of the biodiesel, diesel and their blend for predicting the spray tip penetration. The single component representatives of biodiesel, methyl oleate and methyl laurate and for the diesel are n-heptane, n-dodecane and n-tetradecane are studied. The methyl laurate is found to represent biodiesel of coconut, whereas methyl oleate is found to represent biodiesel...

Capturing functional relations in fluid-structure interaction via machine learning

Tejas Soni, Ashwani Sharma, Rajdeep Dutta, Annwesha Dutta, Senthilnath Jayavelu & Saikat Sarkar
While fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems are ubiquitous in various applications from cell-biology to aerodynamics, they involve huge computational overhead. In this paper, we adopt a machine learning (ML)-based strategy to bypass the detailed FSI analysis that requires cumbersome simulations in solving the Navier-Stokes (N-S) equations. To mimic the effect of fluid on an immersed beam, we have introduced dissipation into the beam model with time-varying forces acting on it. The forces in a discretized setup...

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