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Data from: Great spotted cuckoos show dynamic patterns of host selection during the breeding season

Manuel Soler, Tomás Perez-Contreras & Juan José Soler
Avian brood parasites depend entirely on their hosts to raise their nestlings until independence. Thus, parasite females should select suitable host nests for egg laying according to traits that enhance offspring survival. Availability of nests of certain characteristics influencing survival of parasitic offspring is however temporally dynamic and, thus, patterns of host selection should be evaluated considering characteristics of available host nests the day of parasitism. This allows detecting possible seasonal changes and, therefore, a...

Data from: Great spotted cuckoo eggshell microstructure characteristics can make eggs stronger

Manuel Soler, Alejandro Rodriguez-Navarro, Tomás Pérez-Contreras, Juan García-Ruiz & Juan Soler
Obligate avian brood parasites lay stronger eggs than their hosts or non-parasitic relatives because they are rounder and have a thicker eggshell. Additionally, some other characteristics of the brood parasitic eggshells related to their microstructure such as size and orientation of calcite crystal units could also contribute to generating even stronger shells. An eggshell microstructure formed by small randomly oriented calcite crystal units can increase the robustness of the eggshells of birds. Here, the eggshell...

Data from: Juvenile plumage whiteness is associated with the evolution of clutch size in passerines

Judith Morales, Jose Javier Cuervo, Juan Moreno & Juan José Soler
The offspring of many animals are conspicuous during parental dependence, despite juveniles generally suffering from high predation risk. However, to date, it is unclear whether offspring structural ornaments play a role in intra-family communication. This is the case of conspicuous plumage in young birds, which is worn unchanged during a long period after fledging, when they still depend on their parents. If plumage color facilitates intra-family interactions, its role should be more important in large-brooded...

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