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Feather mercury increases with feeding at higher trophic levels in two species of migrant raptors, Merlin (Falco columbarius) and Sharp-shinned Hawk (Accipiter striatus)

Edward Keyel, Matthew Etterson, Gerald Niemi, David Evers, Christopher DeSorbo, Joel Hoffman, John Nichols, Yang Li & Frank Nicoletti
Mercury (Hg) is a toxic heavy metal that, when methylated to form methylmercury (MeHg), bioaccumulates in exposed animals and biomagnifies through food webs. The purpose of this study was to assess Hg concentrations in raptors migrating through the upper Midwestern USA. From 2009-2012, 966 raptors of 11 species were captured at Hawk Ridge, Duluth, MN. Breast feathers were sampled to determine the concentration of total Hg. Mean Hg concentrations ranged from 0.11 – 3.46 μg...

Assisted migration across fixed seed zones detects adaptation lags in two major North American tree species

Julie R. Etterson, Meredith W. Cornett, Mark A. White & Laura Kavajecz
Boreal forests are experiencing dramatic climate change, having warmed 1-1.9°C over the last century. Yet forest regeneration practices are often still dictated by a fixed seed zone framework, in which seeds are both harvested from and planted into predefined areas. Our goal was to determine whether seedlings sourced from southern seed zones in Minnesota USA are already better adapted to northerly seed zones because of climate change. Bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) and northern red oak...

Variation in frequency of plastid RNA editing within Adiantum (Pteridaceae) implies rapid evolution in fern plastomes

Blake Fauskee, Erin Sigel, Kathleen Pryer & Amanda Grusz
Premise Recent advances in studies of plant RNA editing have demonstrated that the number of editing sites can vary widely among large taxonomic groups (orders, families). Yet, very little is known about intrageneric variation in frequency of plant RNA editing, and no study has been conducted in ferns. Methods We determined plastid RNA editing counts for two species of Adiantum (Pteridaceae), A. shastense and A. aleuticum, by implementing a pipeline that integrated read mapping and...

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