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Data from: A millennium of climatic and floristic dynamics in the Eastern Cordillera of the Colombian Andes

Alex Correa, Jaime Escobar, Broxton Bird, Dayenari Caballero-Rodríguez, Byron Steinman, Paula A. Rodríguez-Zorro & Jason Curtis
The transition from the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA, 950-1250 CE) to the Little Ice Age (LIA, 1350 to 1800 CE) is the largest pre-industrial climate shift within the last two millennia, offering an opportunity to study how vegetation responds to rapid climate change. We analyzed a sedimentary record from the Colombian Andes to reconstruct regional vegetation dynamics during this time interval, identify the modern environmental distribution of taxa present in the fossil record, and provide...

Data for Leaf out time correlates with wood anatomy across large geographic scales and within local communities.

Jessica A Savage, Natalie McMann, Daniel Park, Matthew Rothendler & Kennedy Mosher

Materials to re-create Coastal trapped waves: normal modes, evolution equations, and topographic generation

Samuel M Kelly

Supplementary data, code, and information for ‘Interhemispheric antiphasing of neotropical precipitation during the past millennium’ (PNAS, Steinman et al. 2022)

B.A. Steinman, N. Stansall, M.E. Mann, C.A. Cooke, M.B. Abbott, M. Vuille, B.W. Bird, M.S. Lachniet & A. Fernandez
Uncertainty about the influence of anthropogenic radiative forcing on the position and strength of convective rainfall in the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) inhibits our ability to project future tropical hydroclimate change in a warmer world. Paleoclimatic and modeling data inform on the timescales and mechanisms of ITCZ variability; yet a comprehensive, long-term perspective remains elusive. Here, we quantify the evolution of neotropical hydroclimate over the pre-industrial past millennium (850 to 1850 CE) using a synthesis...

Lake Superior moored temperature and currents, Spring 2015 to Spring 2021

Cassandra Elmer & Jay Austin

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