Data from: Linking the respiration of fungal sporocarps with their nitrogen concentration: variation among species, tissues, and guilds

Lidia K. Trocha, Elzbieta Rudy, Weile Chen, Miroslawa Dabert & David M. Eissenstat
Tissue nitrogen (N) concentration has been correlated with respiration (RS) across plants of different life forms, functional and phylogenetic groups, plant organs and ectomycorrhizae of different fungal species. Nothing is known, however, if a similar relationship exists in other organisms like fungi. Here, we explored the N-RS relationship across sporocarps of 93 fungal species that varied in their guilds (mutualistic, saprotrophic, and parasitic) as well as “tissue” types (caps and stipes). We hypothesized that RS,...

Registration Year

  • 2016

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  • Dataset


  • Institute of Dendrology
  • Pennsylvania State University