Data from: Toxicity and utilization of chemical weapons: does toxicity and venom utilization contribute to the formation of species communities?

Fabian L. Westermann, Iain S. McPherson, Tappy H. Jones, Lesley Milicich, Phillip J. Lester, Philip J. Lester & Tappey H. Jones
Toxicity and the utilization of venom are essential features in the ecology of many animal species and have been hypothesized to be important factors contributing to the assembly of communities through competitive interactions. Ants of the genus Monomorium utilize a variety of venom compositions, which have been reported to give them a competitive advantage. Here, we investigate two pairs of Monomorium species, which differ in the structural compositions of their venom and their co-occurrence patterns...

Registration Year

  • 2015

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  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Virginia Military Institute