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Simple and complex, sexually dimorphic retinal mosaic of fritillary butterflies

Gregor Belušič, Kentaro Arikawa, Marko Ilić, Primož Pirih, Pei-Ju Chen, Andrej Meglič, Jošt Prevc & Masaya Yago
Butterflies have variable sets of spectral photoreceptors that underlie colour vision. The photoreceptor organization may be optimised for the detection of body colouration. Fritillaries (Argynnini) are nymphalid butterflies exhibiting varying degrees of sexual dimorphism in wing colouration. In two sister species, the females have orange (Argynnis paphia) and dark wings (A. sagana), respectively, while the males of both species have orange wings with large patches of pheromone-producing androconia. In spite of the differences in female...

Red-green opponency in the long visual fibre photoreceptors of brushfoot butterflies (Nymphalidae)

Gregor Belušič, Marko Ilić, Primoz Pirih & Andrej Meglic
In many butterflies, the ancestral trichromatic insect colour vision, based on UV-, blue- and green-sensitive photoreceptors, is extended with red-sensitive cells. Physiological evidence for red receptors has been missing in Nymphalid butterflies, although some species can discriminate red hues well. In eight species from genera Archaeoprepona, Argynnis, Charaxes, Danaus, Melitaea, Morpho, Heliconius and Speyeria we found a novel class of green-sensitive photoreceptors that have hyperpolarising responses to stimulation with red light. These green-positive, red-negative (G+R–)...

Caterpillar polarisation vision: Histological methods and Rcodes for behavioural analyses

Mizuki Uemura, Andrej Meglič, Myron Zalucki, Andrea Battisti & Gregor Belušič
Processionary caterpillars of Thaumetopoea pityocampa (in Europe) and Ochrogaster lunifer (in Australia) (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) form single files of larvae crawling head-to-tail when moving to feeding and pupation sites. We investigated if the processions are guided by polarisation vision. The heading orientation of processions could be manipulated with linear polarising filters held above the leading caterpillar. Exposure to changes in the angle of polarisation around the caterpillar resulted in orthogonal changes in heading angles. Anatomical analysis...

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