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Data from: Comparative phylogeography of three host sea anemones in the Indo-Pacific

Pablo Saenz-Agudelo, Madeleine Emms, Emily Giles, Remy Gatins, Gerrit Nanninga, Anna Scott, Jean Paul Hobbs, Ashley Frisch, Suzanne Mills, Ricardo Beldade & Michael Berumen
Aim The mutualistic relationship between anemones and anemonefishes is one of the most iconic examples of symbiosis. However, while anemonefishes have been extensively studied in terms of genetic connectivity, such information is lacking entirely for host sea anemones. Here, we provide the first information on the broad-scale population structure and phylogeographic patterns of three species of host sea anemone, Heteractis magnifica, Stichodactyla mertensii, and Entacmaea quadricolor. We evaluate if there is concordance in genetic structure...

Data from: Extra-pair mating in a socially monogamous and paternal mouthbrooding cardinalfish

Theresa Rueger, Hugo B. Harrison, Naomi M. Gardiner, Michael L. Berumen & Geoffrey P. Jones
Many vertebrates form monogamous pairs to mate and care for their offspring. However, genetic tools have increasingly shown that many offspring arise from matings outside of the monogamous pair bond. Social monogamy is relatively common in coral reef fishes, but there have been relatively few studies that have confirmed monogamy or extra-pair reproduction, either for males or females. Here long-term observations and genetic tools were applied to examine the parentage of embryos in a paternally...

Data from: RADseq analyses reveal concordant Indian Ocean biogeographic and phylogeographic boundaries in the reef fish Dascyllus trimaculatus

Eva M. Salas, Giacomo Bernardi, Michael L. Berumen, Michelle Gaither & Luiz A. Rocha
Population genetic analysis is an important tool for estimating the degree of evolutionary connectivity in marine organisms. Here, we investigate the population structure of the three-spot damselfish Dascyllus trimaculatus in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Western Indian Ocean, using 1,174 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Neutral loci revealed a signature of weak genetic differentiation between the Northwestern (Red Sea and Arabian Sea) and Western Indian Ocean biogeographic provinces. Loci potentially under selection (outlier loci) revealed...

Data from: An in situ approach for measuring biogeochemical fluxes in structurally complex benthic communities

Florian Roth, Christian Wild, Susana Carvalho, Nils Rädecker, Christian R. Voolstra, Benjamin Kurten, Holger Anlauf, Yusuf C. El-Khaled, Ronan Carolan, Burton H. Jones & Yusuf C. El‐Khaled
1. The exchange of energy and nutrients are integral components of ecological functions of benthic shallow-water ecosystems and are directly dependent on in situ environmental conditions. Traditional laboratory experiments cannot account for the multidimensionality of interacting processes when assessing metabolic rates and biogeochemical fluxes of structurally complex benthic communities. Current in situ chamber systems are expensive, limited in their functionality, and the deployment is often restricted to planar habitats (e.g., sediments or seagrass meadows) only....

Data for : Poly(A) Dataset for PAS sequences and pseudo-PAS sequences Classification (fasta format)

Fahad Albalawi, Abderrazak Chahid, Xingang Guo, Somayah Albaradei, Arturo Magana-Mora, Boris R. Jankovic, Mahmut Uludag, Christophe Van Neste, Magbubah Essack, Taous-Meriem Laleg-Kirati & Vladimir B. Bajic
This Dataset contains DNA sequences of the human genome hg38 from GENCODE folder at EBI ftp server (ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/databases/gencode/Gencode_human/release_28/GRCh38.primary_assembly.genome.fa.gz) A-Positive set (PAS sequences) Using GENCODE annotation for poly(A) (ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/databases/gencode/Gencode_human/release_28/gencode.v28.polyAs.gff3.gz) We selected poly(A) signal annotation. Using bedtools-slop option, we found regions extended 300 bp upstream and 300 bp downstream of the poly(A) hexamer. With the bedtools-getfasta option, we extracted 606 bp fasta sequences from these regions. After eliminating duplicates, we obtained 37’516 presumed true functional poly(A) signal...

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