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Data from: Lower body mass and higher metabolic rate enhance winter survival in root voles, Microtus oeconomus

Karol Zub, Zbigniew Borowski, Paulina A. Szafrańska, Monika Wieczorek & Marek Konarzewski
Although the biological significance of individual variation in physiological traits is widely recognized, studies of their association with fitness in wild populations are surprisingly scarce. We investigated the effect of individual phenotypic variation in body mass, resting (RMR) and peak metabolic rates (PMR) on mortality of the root vole Microtus oeconomus. Body mass and metabolic rates varied significantly among consecutive years and were also age dependent, as individuals born in late summer and autumn were...

Data from: Plant-herbivore interactions: silicon concentration in tussock sedges and population dynamics of root voles

Monika Wieczorek, Karol Zub, Paulina A. Szafrańska, Aneta Książek & Marek Konarzewski
1. It has been hypothesized that the induction of silicon (Si)-based plant defence in response to herbivore damage may engender rodent population cycles. Many studies have also considered accumulation of Si as a process controlled by geo-hydrological factors. 2. To test these ideas, we investigated the relationship between concentration of Si in fibrous tussock sedge (Carex appropinquata) and the population density of a major sedge consumer, the root vole (Microtus oeconomus), in field enclosures in...

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  • 2014

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  • University of Białystok
  • Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Forest Research Institute
  • Mammal Research Institute