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Effects of freshwater salinization and biotic stressors on amphibian morphology

Jacquelyn Lewis, Jonathan Borrelli, Devin Jones & Rick Relyea
Organisms are commonly exposed to numerous stressors that induce behavioral, physiological, or morphological changes in some combination. In northern temperate latitudes, de-icing agents are a major stressor to species in freshwater ecosystems (primarily sodium chloride; NaCl). Species-specific responses to road salt toxicity range from lethal to sublethal effects, but it remains unclear how these effects interact with biotic stressors. Morphology can be quite sensitive to environmental changes, yet we know little about how it is...

Quantifying representativeness in RCTs using ML fairness metrics - Data and codes

Miao Qi
The "Quantifying representativeness in RCTs using ML fairness metrics - Data and codes" is used to quantify representativeness in randomized clinical trials (RCTs) and provide insights to improve the clinical trial equity and health equity. We developed RCT representativeness metrics based on Machine Learning (ML) Fairness Research. Visualizations and statistical tests based on proposed metrics enable researchers and physicians to rapidly visualize and assess subgroup representation in RCTs. The approach enables users to determine underrepresentation,...

Phylogenetic patterns of trait and trait plasticity evolution: Insights from tadpoles

Rick Relyea, John Hammond & Patrick Stephens
Environmental heterogeneity has led to widespread evolution of phenotypic plasticity in all taxonomic groups. Although phenotypic plasticity has been examined from multiple perspectives, few studies have examined evolutionary patterns of plasticity within a phylogeny. We conducted common-garden experiments on 20 species of tadpoles, spanning three families, exposed for 4 weeks to a control, predator cues, or reduced food (i.e., increased intraspecific competition). We quantified tadpole activity, growth, and relative morphology and found widespread differences in...

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