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Rare plant species are at a disadvantage when both herbivory and pollination interactions are considered in an alpine meadow

Xinqiang Xi, Wenlong Zhou, Zhao Li, Lei Hu, Yuran Dong, Karl Niklas & Shucun Sun
1. Rare plant species often suffer less damage than common species because of positive density-dependent herbivory, and it has been suggested that this “rare species advantage” fosters plant species coexistence. However, it is unknown whether rare species have an advantage when pollination interactions are also considered. 2. We hypothesized that a “positive density-dependent pollination success” across plant species would result in common plants experiencing higher seed set rates compared to rare species, and that positive...

The lipoprotein NlpD in Cronobacter sakazakii responds to acid stress and regulates macrophage resistance and virulence by maintaining membrane integrity

Xuemeng Ji, Ping Lu, Juan Xue, Ning Zhao, Yan Zhang, Lu Dong, Xuejiao Zhang, Ping Li, Yaozhong Hu, Jin Wang, Bowei Zhang, Jingmin Liu, Huan lv & Shuo Wang
Cronobacter sakazakii, an emerging opportunistic pathogen, is implicated in severe foodborne outbreak infections in premature and full-term infants. Generally, acid tolerance is vital for the pathogenesis of foodborne pathogens; however, its role in C. sakazakii virulence remains largely unknown. To screen out acid-tolerance determinants from transposon mutants, anovel counterselection method using gentamicin and acid was developed. Using the counterselection method and growth assay, we screened several acid-sensitive mutants and found that nlpD encodes an acid-resistance...

The role of telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter mutations in prognosis in bladder cancer

Song Wan, Xuan Liu, Wei Hua, Ming Xi, Yulin Zhou & Yueping Wan
Telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter mutations have been recognized as a common genetic event in bladder cancer (BC). Many studies have found the high TERT promoter mutations’ prevalence in BC recurrence patients which may make the TERT promoter mutations become a potential prognosis prediction of BC. We performed a systematic search in Embase, PubMed, and Web of Science in January 2021. The aspects of evaluation, methods, validation, and results were used to evaluate the included...

The role of telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter mutations in prognosis in bladder cancer

Song Wan, Xuan Liu, Wei Hua, Ming Xi, Yulin Zhou & Yueping Wan
Telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter mutations have been recognized as a common genetic event in bladder cancer (BC). Many studies have found the high TERT promoter mutations’ prevalence in BC recurrence patients which may make the TERT promoter mutations become a potential prognosis prediction of BC. We performed a systematic search in Embase, PubMed, and Web of Science in January 2021. The aspects of evaluation, methods, validation, and results were used to evaluate the included...

SP1-induced lncRNA ZFPM2 antisense RNA 1 (ZFPM2-AS1) aggravates glioma progression via the miR-515-5p/Superoxide dismutase 2 (SOD2) axis

Yaxuan Zhang, Yin Zhang, Sen Wang, Qingquan Li, Boqiang Cao, Baosheng Huang, Tianlu Wang, Ruijuan Guo & Ning Liu
Glioma is a common life-threatening tumor with high malignancy and high invasiveness. LncRNA ZFPM2 antisense RNA 1 (ZFPM2-AS1) was confirmed to be implicated in numerous tumors, while its biological function and mechanism have not been thoroughly understood in glioma. The gene expression was measured by RT-qPCR. Cell proliferation, cell cycle, and cell apoptosis of glioma cells were validated by CCK-8, colony formation, flow cytometry and TUNEL assays. The effect of ZFPM2-AS1 on tumor growth was...

Identification of biomarkers related to Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) infiltration with gene co-expression network in colorectal cancer

Rong Liao, Qi-Zhi Ma, Cong-Ya Zhou, Jun-Jun Li, Ning-Na Weng, Yang Yang & Qing Zhu
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common tumors, ranking second in the global cause of death from cancer. The prognosis of advanced patients is still very poor. In this study, hub modules with the highest association with tumor-infiltrating immune cells were identified by weighted gene co-expression network analysis based on CRC expression data from the Gene Expression Omnibus database. Next, three hub genes (ADAM8, IL-1A, VAV3) related to infiltrating immune cells were identified...

The expression and clinical prognostic value of protein phosphatase 1 catalytic subunit beta in pancreatic cancer

Lingyu Hu, Haokai Xu, Xiaoguang Wang, Bin Wu, Fei Chen, Wei Chen, Yong Gao & Zhengxiang Zhong
Pancreatic cancer (PAAD) is a common malignancy with a poor survival rate. The identification of novel biomarkers could improve clinical outcomes for patients with PAAD. Here we evaluated the expression and clinical significance of PPP1CB in PAAD. PPP1CB expression was higher in PAAD tissue than in matched paracancerous tissue (P < 0.05). We predicted a network of regulatory targets and protein interaction partners of PPP1CB, and identified a PPI network consisting of 39 node genes....

Infiltrating T-cell abundance combined with EMT-related gene expression as a prognostic factor of colon cancer

Xiaowei Huang, Chan Chen, Yajing Xu, Lanxiao Shen, Yi Chen & Huafang Su
EMT-related gene expression reportedly exhibits correlation with the anti-tumor immunity of T cells. In the present study, we explored the factors that might affect the efficacy of immunotherapy in colon cancer with treatment. In this regard, RNA-seq and clinical data of 469 colon cancer samples derived from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database were used to calculate infiltrating T-cell abundance (ITA), to illustrate a pathway enrichment analysis, and to construct Cox proportional hazards (CPH) regression...

Cenozoic rifting and inversion of Beibuwan Basin and its linkage with the strike-slip movement along the Ailao Shan-Red River Shear Zone

Yanjun Cheng, Zhiping Wu, Jie Zhang, Yuqing Liu, Zhengkai Wang & Yining Dai
The Cenozoic Beibuwan Basin is located along the eastern margin of the Ailao Shan Red River Shear Zone (ASRRSZ). The rifting and inversion processes of this basin provide important clues to the mechanism by which extrusion tectonics drive continental rifting and inversion development. However, the rifting and inversion of this basin remain ambiguous. Here, we employ seismic data, information about the time and displacement of faulting, syn-rift fault and isopach maps to analyse the Cenozoic...

Cell membrane-anchored anti-HIV single-chain antibodies and bifunctional inhibitors targeting the gp41 fusion protein: new strategies for HIV gene therapy

Yue Chen, Hongliang Jin, Xiaoran Tang, Li Li, Xiuzhu Geng, Yuanmei Zhu, Huihui Chong & Yuxian He
Emerging studies indicate that infusion of HIV-resistant cells could be an effective strategy to achieve a sterilizing or functional cure. We recently reported that glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored nanobody or a fusion inhibitory peptide can render modified cells resistant to HIV-1 infection. In this study, we comprehensively characterized a panel of newly isolated HIV-1-neutralizing antibodies as GPI-anchored inhibitors. Fusion genes encoding the single-chain variable fragment (scFv) of 3BNC117, N6, PGT126, PGT128, 10E8, or 35O22 were constructed with...

‘Social distancing’ between plants may amplify coastal restoration at early stage

Hao Huang, Chi Xu & Quan‐Xing Liu
This dataset contains data and codes from three field experiments described in the paper: “Hao Huang, Chi Xu and Quan-Xing Liu. (2021) ‘Social distancing’ between plants may amplify coastal restoration at early stage, Journal of Applied Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.14044”. The experiment investigates the effects of a factorial combination of three factors: above-ground spatial configurea and below-ground connectivity with low- and high-elevation environmental stress. We test the two species (Scirpus and Spartina) on performance such as...

Identification of downstream targets and signaling pathways of long non-coding RNA NR_002794 in human trophoblast cells

Yinyao Ma, Hua Wu, Xuxia Liang, Chun Zhang, Yanhua Ma, Yanfen Wei, Jing Li & Hui Chen
Preeclampsia (PE) is a huge threat to pregnant women. Our previous study demonstrated that long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) NR_002794 was highly expressed in placentas of PE patients and could regulate the phenotypes of trophoblast cells. However, the downstream regulatory mechanisms of NR_002794 remain unknown. In this text, some potential downstream targets or signaling pathways of NR_002794 were identified through RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) and bioinformatics analysis in SWAN71 trophoblast cells. Western blot assay demonstrated that NR_002794...

Zinc finger C3H1 domain-containing protein (ZFC3H1) evaluates the prognosis and treatment of prostate adenocarcinoma (PRAD): A study based on TCGA data

Hang Huang, Haokai Xu, Ping Li, Xueting Ye, Wei Chen & Xixi Huang
The present study was aimed to evaluate the expression profile of Zinc finger C3H1 domain-containing protein (ZFC3H1) using bioinformatic analysis of public datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas database (TCGA). The results showed that the expression levels of ZFC3H1 were notably lower than the corresponding non-cancerous tissues in prostate adenocarcinoma (PRAD), and patients in the high ZFC3H1-expression group showed poor survival. We hypothesized that the low expression of ZFC3H1 in tumor tissue might have be...

Discovery of a subgenotype of human coronavirus NL63 associated with severe lower respiratory tract infection in China, 2018

Yanqun Wang, Xin Li, Wenkuan Liu, Mian Gan, Lu Zhang, Jin Wang, Zhaoyong Zhang, Airu Zhu, Fang Li, Jing Sun, Guoxian Zhang, Zhen Zhuang, Jiaying Luo, Dehui Chen, Shuyan Qiu, Li Zhang, Duo Xu, Chris Ka Pun Mok, Fuchun Zhang, Jingxian Zhao, Rong Zhou & Jincun Zhao
Human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63) is primarily associated with common cold in children, elderly and immunocompromised individuals. Outbreaks caused by HCoV-NL63 are rare. Here we report a cluster of HCoV-NL63 cases with severe lower respiratory tract infection that arose in Guangzhou, China, in 2018. Twenty-three hospitalized children were confirmed to be HCoV-NL63 positive, and most of whom were hospitalized with severe pneumonia or acute bronchitis. Whole genomes of HCoV-NL63 were obtained using next-generation sequencing. Phylogenetic and...

Nitrogen addition increases aboveground silicon and phytolith concentrations in understory plants of a tropical forest

Xiao Fei Lu
Purpose: Silicon (Si) is a beneficial element for plants and plays important roles in the biogeochemical cycle of mineral elements. Yet, few studies have focused on the impact of nitrogen (N) deposition on plant Si uptake and the Si biocycle. Methods: We designed an experiment dealing with canopy and understory N addition in a tropical forest to comprehensively assess the response of Si cycle to N addition focusing on understory plants and topsoil. After six...

Construction of a novel risk model based on the random forest algorithm to distinguish pancreatic cancers with different prognoses and immune microenvironment features

Yalan Lei, Rong Tang, Jin Xu, Bo Zhang, Jiang Liu, Chen Liang, Qingcai Meng, Jie Hua, Xianjun Yu, Wei Wang & Si Shi
Immune-related long noncoding RNAs (irlncRNAs) are actively involved in regulating the immune status. This study aimed to establish a risk model of irlncRNAs and further investigate the roles of irlncRNAs in predicting prognosis and the immune landscape in pancreatic cancer. The transcriptome profiles and clinical information of 176 pancreatic cancer patients were retrieved from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). Immune-related genes (irgenes) downloaded from ImmPort were used to screen 1903 immune-related lncRNAs (irlncRNAs) using Pearson’s...

Anti-neoplastic characteristics and potential targets of calycosin against bisphenol A-related osteosarcoma: bioinformatics analysis

Qijin Pan, Ka Wu, Jiachang Tan, Yu Li, Xiao Liang & Min Su
Environmentally, bisphenol A (BPA) is a well-known pollutant caused human health risk, including osteosarcoma (OS). OS, a deadly bone neoplasia, may occur in children and adults. However, the anti-OS pharmacotherapy prescribes limitedly in clinical practice. Interestingly, previous experimental evidences indicate calycosin-exerting potential anti-OS actions. Thus, in this report, we aimed to further characterize and detail the therapeutic targets and molecular mechanisms of calycosin-anti-BPA-related OS by using network pharmacology and molecular docking analyses. In results, the...

Protective effect of Qingre Huoxue decoction against myocardial infarction via PI3K/Akt autophagy pathway based on UPLC-MS, network pharmacology, and in vivo evidence

Zheng Jin, Wenbo Zhang, Yuan Luo, Xiushen Li, Lijin Qing, Qiang Zuo, Junfeng Fang & Wei Wu
Qingre Huoxue (QRHX) decoction, a traditional Chinese medicine, has been widely used to prevent and treat myocardial infarction (MI). This study elucidates the possible mechanisms of QRHX in preventing or treating MI in a rat model. The chemical constituents of QRHX were identified by UPLC-MS. Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into the Sham (normal saline), Model (normal saline), QRHX-L, QRHX-M and QRHX-H group (n = 10 per group). QRHX decoction was administered by gavage to...

Upregulated circRNA hsa_circ_0071036 promotes tumourigenesis of pancreatic cancer by sponging miR-489 and predicts unfavorable characteristics and prognosis

Xu Han, Yuan Fang, Pingping Chen, Yaolin Xu, Wentao Zhou, Yefei Rong, Jian-Ang Li, Wei Chen & Wenhui Lou
Circular RNAs (circRNAs), the new stars of endogenous non-coding RNAs, are dysregulated in various tumors including pancreatic cancer. Here, we aimed to investigate the biological functions of hsa_circ_0071036 in the tumourigenesis and progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and its clinical implications. The differential expression profile of circRNAs in 4 pairs of PDAC tissues was analyzed by microarray assay. Quantitative real-time PCR and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) were utilized to determine the expression patterns...

Calcineurin-mediated intracellular organelle calcium homeostasis is required for the survival of fungal pathogens upon extracellular calcium stimuli

Chi Zhang, Yiran Ren, Huiyu Gu, Lu Gao, Yuanwei Zhang & Ling Lu
In eukaryotes, calcium not only is an essential mineral nutrient but also serves as an intracellular second messenger that is necessary for many physiological processes. Previous studies showed that the protein phosphatase-calcineurin protects fungi from toxicity caused by the extracellular calcium; however, little is known about how calcineurin mediates the cellular physiology process for this function. In this study, by monitoring intracellular calcium, particularly by tracking vacuolar calcium dynamics in living cells through a novel...

Evaluation of cesarean delivery rates in different levels of hospitals in Jiangsu Province, China, using the 10-Group classification system

Ning Gu, Yimin Dai, Dan Lu, Tingmei Chen, Muling Zhang, Tao Huang, Yalan Qi, Xinning Han, Lihua Xie, Jishi Yang, Chengling Fan, Yunhua Yan, Anhong Zhang, Xiaoping Weng, Huiling Zhang, Li Su, Yingyan Li & Yali Hu
To compare cesarean delivery (CD) rates in referral and non-referral hospitals in Maternal Safety Collaboration in Jiangsu province, China. Sixteen participants (4 referral hospitals, 12 non-referral hospitals) from Drum Tower Hospital Collaboration for Maternal Safety reported CD rates in 2019 using ten-group classification system and maternal/neonatal morbidity and mortality. A total of 22,676 CDs were performed among 52,499 deliveries and the average CD rate was 43.2% (range 34.8–69.6%). CD rate in non-referral hospitals (44.7%) was...

Long non-coding RNA RP11-283G6.5 confines breast cancer development through modulating miR-188-3p/TMED3/Wnt/β-catenin signalling

Jing Pei, Shengquan Zhang, Xiaowei Yang, Chunguang Han, Yubo Pan, Jun Li, Zhaorui Wang, Chenyu Sun & Jing Zhang
The contributions of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) and microRNAs (miRNAs) to breast cancer are critical areas of investigation. In this study, we identified a novel lncRNA RP11-283G6.5 which was lowly expressed in breast cancer and whose low expression was correlated with poor overall survival and disease-free survival of breast cancer patients. Functional experiments revealed that ectopic expression of RP11-283G6.5 confined breast cancer cellular growth, migration, and invasion, and promoted cellular apoptosis. Conversely, RP11-283G6.5 silencing facilitated...

A biological and genomic comparison of a drug-resistant and a drug-susceptible strain of Candida auris isolated from Beijing, China

Shuru Fan, Ping Zhan, Jian Bing, Ning Jiang, Yingnan Huang, Dongke Chen, Tianren Hu, Han Du & Guanghua Huang
The fungal pathogen Candida auris has emerged as a new threat to human health. We previously reported the first isolate of C. auris (BJCA001) in China, which belongs to the South Asian clade (I) and was susceptible to all antifungals tested. In this study, we report the isolation of a drug-resistant C. auris strain (BJCA002) from the same city (Beijing). Strain BJCA002 belongs to the South African clade (III) and is resistant to fluconazole and...

Dynamic changes of plasma extracellular vesicle long RNAs during perioperative period of colorectal cancer

Qing Hua, Wenhao Xu, Xuefang Shen, Xi Tian, Hailiang Zhang, Yan Li & Pingbo Xu
Extracellular vesicles (EVs) long RNAs (exLRs) have been shown to be indicators for the diagnosis and prognosis of colorectal cancer (CRC); however, the dynamic changes of exLRs during perioperative period and their cellular sources in CRC remains largely unknown. In this study, exLR sequencing (exLR-seq) was performed on plasma samples from three CRC patients at four time points (before surgery [T0], after extubation [T1], 1 day after surgery [T2], and 3 days after surgery [T3])....

Signatures and Prognostic Values of N6-methyladenosine (m6A) - related Immune Genes in Bladder Cancer

Gaoteng Lin, Jianwei Zhang, Yuqi Wu, Shimiao Zhu & Gang Li
In recent years, genes associated with N6-methyladenosine (m6A) modification were found to participate in modulation of multiple tumor biological processes. Concomitantly, the significantly complicated dual effects of tumor microenvironment have been observed on cancer progression. The present study aims to investigate m6A-related immune genes (m6AIGs) for their signatures and prognostic values in bladder cancer (BC). Out of 2856 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) of BC, a total of 85 genes were obtained following intersection of DEGs,...

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