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Dataset supporting the University of Southampton Doctoral thesis: Shining lights, even in death: Modelling the optical and ultraviolet emission from tidal disruption events

Edward Parkinson
This dataset contains: Provided in the data set are the parameter file required to run the simulations yourself, as well as the raw data that was output from the simulation software. This includes the synthetic spectra (.spec, .log_spec, .spec_tot, etc) and tables of wind variables in ASCII format. In some cases scripts have been provided to re-generate figures created for the thesis using the data provided in this repository. Additional software will be required in...

Data supporting Southampton Doctoral Thesis \"Direct laser writing in semiconductors for photonics applications\"

Stuart MacFarquhar
This dataset supports the thesis entitled Direct Laser Writing in Semiconductors for Photonics Applications AWARDED BY: Univeristy of Southampton DATE OF AWARD: 2022 This dataset contains: Transmission loss measurement data, detailing waveguide length, input power and output power. Raman spectroscopy data collected using a Renishaw Invia Raman spectrometer. Nonlinear transmission data detailing measurement wavelength and transmitted power. Complete details of data collection processess are available in the associated thesis. Data for: - Linear and nonlinear...

Uganda 100m building class, version 1.0

Christopher Lloyd & Andrew Tatem
Gridded maps of residential/non-residential building classifications and associated building patterns for Uganda (UGA), version 1.0

Dataset in support of the Southampton doctoral thesis 'Influence of build orientation on high temperature fatigue crack propagation mechanisms in Inconel 718 fabricated by laser powder bed fusion'

Diego Martinez De Luca
Dataset containing the results and graphs throughout the thesis titled Influence of build orientation on high temperature fatigue crack propagation mechanisms in Inconel 718 fabricated by laser powder bed fusion. Microsoft Excel file with the original date of plots in the thesis Origin software used to create graphs

Dataset to support the Southampton Doctoral thesis 'Atomic Scale Dynamics of Thermal and Driven Motion in Photonic Nanostructures'

Tongjun Liu
This dataset supports the Doctoral Thesis by Tongjun Liu (2023) Atomic Scale Dynamics of Thermal and Driven Motion in Photonic Nanostructures. AWARDED BY: University of Southampton DATE OF AWARD: 2023 The dataset consists of 4 sub-folders containing data presented in Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Thesis, respectively. Each sub-folder contains separate folders with data for each figure in the Thesis. Data files are labelled with the figure number and panel they correspond...

Dataset in support of the Conference paper 'A highly temperature-insensitive Bi-doped fiber amplifier in the E+S-band with 20 dB flat gain from 1435-1475 nm'

Yu Wang
This dataset supports the publication: Yu Wang, Arindam Halder, David Richardson and Jayanta Sahu. (2022) A highly temperature-insensitive Bi-doped fiber amplifier in the E+S-band with 20 dB flat gain from 1435-1475 nm OFC 2023 The excel file contains all experimental data used for generating Fig.2(a) to Fig.2(d)

Data supporting the publication \"Exploring Farm Anaerobic Digester Economic Viability in a Time of Policy Change in the UK\"

Angela Bywater & Sigrid Kusch-Brandt
Data supporting the publication "Exploring Farm Anaerobic Digester Economic Viability in a Time of Policy Change in the UK" published in Processes 2022, 10(2), 212; https://doi.org/10.3390/pr10020212 The data is in Excel format and discusses commercial costs as well as potential AD feedstocks . This research was funded by a Business Interaction Voucher (BIV2016020) from the Anaerobic Digestion Network (grant number BB/L013835/1), a Network in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB) funded by the Biotechnology and Biological...

Data supporting the publication \"Human Milk Extracellular Vesicles Preserve Bronchial Epithelial Barrier Integrity and Reduce TLR3-Induced Inflammation\".

Nikita Karra & Emily Swindle
This dataset supports the publication: Human Milk Extracellular Vesicles Preserve Bronchial Epithelial Barrier Integrity and Reduce TLR3-Induced Inflammation https://doi.org/10.1002/jex2.54 by Nikita Karra, Martijn J. C. Van Herwijnen, Marca H. M. Wauben, Emily Jane Swindle, Hywel Morgan in Journal of extracellular biology Volume1, Issue9 September 2022 pages e54 The Data has two folders supporting the information used to create the Graphs for the Article and summary of experiments. 2022_Vesicle_Paper_Data_Analysis.pzfx VesicleData.xlsx

Data from: The role of ontogeny in physiological tolerance: decreasing hydrostatic pressure tolerance with development in the northern stone crab Lithodes maja

Catriona Munro, James P. Morris, Alastair Brown, Chris Hauton & Sven Thatje
Extant deep-sea invertebrate fauna represent both ancient and recent invasions from shallow-water habitats. Hydrostatic pressure may present a significant physiological challenge to organisms seeking to colonize deeper waters or migrate ontogenetically. Pressure may be a key factor contributing to bottlenecks in the radiation of taxa and potentially drive speciation. Here, we assess shifts in the tolerance of hydrostatic pressure through early ontogeny of the northern stone crab Lithodes maja, which occupies a depth range of...

Data from: TAPBPR alters MHC class I peptide presentation by functioning as a peptide exchange catalyst

Clemens Hermann, Andy Van Hateren, Nico Trautwein, Andreas Neerincx, Patrick J. Duriez, Stefan Stevanović, John Trowsdale, Janet E. Deane, Tim Elliott & Louise H. Boyle
Our understanding of the antigen presentation pathway has recently been enhanced with the identification that the tapasin-related protein TAPBPR is a second MHC I-specific chaperone. We sought to determine whether, like tapasin, TAPBPR can also influence MHC I peptide selection by functioning as a peptide exchange catalyst. We show that TAPBPR can catalyse the dissociation of peptides from peptide-MHC I complexes, enhance the loading of peptide-receptive MHC I molecules, and discriminate between peptides based on...

Data from: Commercial chicken breeds exhibit highly divergent patterns of linkage disequilibrium

Reuben Pengelly, Almas A Gheyas, Richard Kuo, Enrico Mossotto, Eleanor G Seaby, David W Burt, Sarah Ennis & Andrew Collins
The analysis of linkage disequilibrium (LD) underpins the development of effective genotyping technologies, trait mapping and understanding of biological mechanisms such as those driving recombination and the impact of selection. We apply the Malécot-Morton model of LD to create additive LD maps which describe the high-resolution LD landscape of commercial chickens. We investigated LD in chickens (Gallus gallus) at the highest resolution to date for broiler, white egg and brown egg layer commercial lines. There...

Data from: A toolkit for optimizing fish passage barrier mitigation actions

Steven King, Jesse R. O'Hanley, Lynda R. Newbold, Paul S. Kemp & Matthew W. Diebel
The presence of dams, stream–road crossings and other infrastructure often compromises the connectivity of rivers, leading to reduced fish abundance and diversity. The assessment and mitigation of river barriers is critical to the success of restoration efforts aimed at restoring river integrity. In this study, we present a combined modelling approach involving statistical regression methods and mixed integer linear programming to maximize resident fish species richness within a catchment through targeted barrier mitigation. Compared to...

Data from: The genomic bases of morphological divergence and reproductive isolation driven by ecological speciation in Senecio (Asteraceae)

Mark A Chapman, Simon J Hiscock & Dmitry A Filatov
Ecological speciation, driven by adaptation to contrasting environments, provides an attractive opportunity to study the formation of distinct species, and the role of selection and genomic divergence in this process. Here, we focus on a particularly clear-cut case of ecological speciation to reveal the genomic bases of reproductive isolation and morphological differences between closely related Senecio species, whose recent divergence within the last ~200,000 years was likely driven by the uplift of Mt. Etna (Sicily)....

Socio-economic survey of domestic groundwater handling and use for source customers in Kisumu, Kenya in 2014

L.G. Okotto, J. Okotto-Okotto, H. Price, S. Pedley & J. Wright
This dataset contains the anonymised results of a survey of customers who buy groundwater for consumption in Kisumu, Kenya. Data includes information on the amount of water bought and ways in which this water was used and handled, as well as their use of water from other sources. Data about assets and services, including access to food, are also included. The surveys were carried out during February and March 2014 and include data from 137...

Data from: Response of seaward migrating European eel (Anguilla anguilla) to manipulated flow fields

Adam T. Piper, Costantino Manes, Fabio Siniscalchi, Andrea Marion, Rosalind M. Wright & Paul S. Kemp
Anthropogenic structures (e.g. weirs and dams) fragment river networks and restrict the movement of migratory fish. Poor understanding of behavioural response to hydrodynamic cues at structures currently limits the development of effective barrier mitigation measures. This study aimed to assess the effect of flow constriction and associated flow patterns on eel behaviour during downstream migration. In a field experiment, we tracked the movements of 40 tagged adult European eels (Anguilla anguilla) through the forebay of...

Coastal Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (CBESS) sediment particle size in mudflat and saltmarsh habitats

C.L. Wood, S.J. Hawkins, J.A. Godbold & M. Solan
The dataset details particle size of sediments across 6 intertidal sites in the winter and summer of 2013. The data provide a quantitative measure of the sediment particle size fractions present within surface sediments (up to a depth of 2 cm). Three sites were located in Essex, South East England and the other 3 in Morecambe Bay, North West England. Each site consisted of a saltmarsh habitat and adjacent mudflat habitat. 22 sampling quadrats were...

Coastal Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (CBESS) macrofaunal community metrics - total abundance (TA), total biomass (TB), species richness (SR), evenness (J) and community bioturbation potential (BPc) in mudflat and saltmarsh habitats

C.L. Wood, S.J. Hawkins, J.A. Godbold & M. Solan
The dataset details total abundance (TA), total biomass (TB), species richness (SR) and evenness (J) [all based on abundance and biomass] and community bioturbation potential (BPc) across six intertidal sites in the winter and summer of 2013. The data provide metrics relating to the macrofaunal communities present within the top 10cm of sediment. Three sites were located in Essex, South East England and the other three in Morecambe Bay, North West England. Each site consisted...

Data from: Fish and tetrapod communities across a marine to brackish salinity gradient in the Pennsylvanian (early Moscovian) Minto Formation of New Brunswick, Canada, and their palaeoecological and palaeogeographical implications

Aodhán Ó Gogáin, Howard J. Falcon-Lang, David K. Carpenter, Randall F. Miller, Michael J. Benton, Peir K. Pufahl, Marcello Ruta, Thomas G. Davies, Steven J. Hinds & Matthew R. Stimson
Euryhaline adaptations in Pennsylvanian vertebrates allowed them to inhabit the marine to freshwater spectrum. This is illustrated by new assemblages of fish and tetrapods from the early Moscovian Minto Formation of New Brunswick, Canada. Fish include chondrichthyans (xenacanthids and the enigmatic Ageleodus), acanthodians (gyracanthids and acanthodiforms), sarcopterygians (rhizodontids, megalichthyids and dipnoans), and actinopterygians (eurynotiforms). Tetrapods include small- to medium-sized, and largely aquatic, stem tetrapods (colosteids) and anthracosaurs (embolomeres). A key finding is that the parautochthonous...

Data from: Early Pennsylvanian (Langsettian) fish assemblages from the Joggins Formation, Canada, and their implications for palaeoecology and palaeogeography

David K. Carpenter, Howard J. Falcon-Lang, Michael J. Benton & Melissa Grey
A review of all available specimens of fossil fishes from the classic Pennsylvanian Joggins locality of Nova Scotia, Canada, reveals the existence of a diverse community of chondrichthyans (xenacanthids, ctenacanthids and the enigmatic Ageleodus), acanthodians (gyracanthids), sarcopterygians (rhizodontids, megalichthyids, rhizodopsids and dipnoans) and actinopterygians (haplolepids). Reassessment of supposed endemic species (Ctenoptychius cristatus, Sagenodus plicatus, Gyracanthus duplicatus) indicates they are invalid, and overall, the assemblage comprises cosmopolitan taxa that were widespread around the coasts of tropical...

Data from: Rapid scavenging of jellyfish carcasses reveals the importance of gelatinous material to deep-sea food webs

Andrew K. Sweetman, Craig R. Smith, Trine Dale & Daniel O. B. Jones
Jellyfish blooms are common in many oceans, and anthropogenic changes appear to have increased their magnitude in some regions. Although mass falls of jellyfish carcasses have been observed recently at the deep seafloor, the dense necrophage aggregations and rapid consumption rates typical for vertebrate carrion have not been documented. This has led to a paradigm of limited energy transfer to higher trophic levels at jelly falls relative to vertebrate organic falls. We show from baited...

RCUK Policy on Open Access: compliance monitoring data.

Kate Walker & Wendy White
This details the open access papers, journal articles and conference papers, with a least one author at the University of Southampton that are compliant with the RCUK Policy on Open Access. The data should be looked at in conjunction with the University of Southampton RCUK Policy on Open Access: compliance monitoring report.

Data from: Year-round sexual harassment as a behavioral mediator of vertebrate population dynamics

Victoria Wearmouth, Emily Southall, David Morritt, Richard C. Thompson, Innes C. Cuthill, Julian Partridge, David W. Sims & Julian C. Partridge
Within-species sexual segregation is a widespread phenomenon among vertebrates but its causes remain a topic of much debate. Female avoidance of male coercive mating attempts has the potential to influence the social structure of animal populations, yet it has been largely overlooked as a driver of sexual separation. Indeed, its potential role in long-term structuring of natural populations has not been studied. Here we use a comparative approach to examine the suitability of multiple hypotheses...

Data from: Locomotory abilities and habitat of the Cretaceous bird Gansus yumenensis inferred from limb length proportions

Robert L. Nudds, Jessie Atterholt, Xia Wang, H. L. You, Gareth J. Dyke & H.-L. You
The relative length proportions of the three bony elements of the pelvic (femur, tibiotarsus and tarsometatarsus) and pectoral (humerus, ulna and manus) limbs of the early Cretaceous bird Gansus yumenensis, a well-represented basal ornithuromorph from China are investigated and compared to those of extant taxa. Ternary plots show that the pectoral limb length proportions of Gansus are most similar to Apodiformes (swifts and hummingbirds), which plot away from all other extant birds. In contrast, the...

Data from: DNA from soil mirrors plant taxonomic and growth form diversity

Nigel G. Yoccoz, Kari-Anne Brathen, Ludovic Gielly, James Haile, Mary E. Edwards, Tomasz Goslar, H. Von Stedingk, Anne K. Brysting, Eric Coissac, Francois Pompanon, J. H. Sønstebø, Christian Miquel, Alice Valentini, Francesco De Bello, Jérôme Chave, Wilfried Thuiller, Patrick Wincker, Corinne Cruaud, Frederick Gavory, Morten Rasmussen, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Ludovic Orlando, Christian Brochmann, Eske Willerslev & Pierre Taberlet
Ecosystems across the globe are threatened by climate change and human activities. New rapid survey approaches for monitoring biodiversity would greatly advance assessment and understanding of these threats. Taking advantage of next-generation DNA sequencing, we tested an approach we call metabarcoding: high-throughput and simultaneous taxa identification based on a very short (usually less than 100 base pairs) but informative DNA fragment. Short DNA fragments allow the use of degraded DNA from environmental samples. All analyses...

Groundwater microbiology and chemistry of shallow wells, boreholes and springs in Kisumu, Kenya in 2014

S. Pedley, J. Okotto-Okotto, L. Okotto, H. Price & J. Wright
This dataset contains free residual chlorine, turbidity, nitrate, chloride, sulphate, fluoride, phosphate and thermatolerant coliform concentrations in groundwater from a variety of sources within two neighbourhoods of Kisumu, Kenya. A total of 73 groundwater sources were tested between February and March 2014. The data were collected as part of the Groundwater2030 project, which aims to reduce the health problems that result from consumption of contaminated groundwater in urban areas of Africa. The project was co-ordinated...

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