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Andrei Popescu-Belis, Thomas Meyer, Jeevanthi Liyanapathirana, Bruno Cartoni, Sandrine Zufferey & Najeh Hajlaoui
Disco-Annotation is a collection of training and test sets with manually annoted discourse relations for 8 discourse connectives in europarl texts.

Data from: Methane emission offsets carbon dioxide uptake in a small productive lake

Dominic Vachon, Timon Langenegger, Daphne Donis, Stan E. Beaubien & Daniel McGinnis
Here we investigate the importance of net CH4 production and emissions in the carbon (C) budget of a small eutrophic lake by monitoring CH4, CO2 and O2 during two consecutive years. During the study period, the lake was mostly a net emitter of both CH4 and CO2, while having a net autotrophic metabolism. The analyses suggest that during the whole study period 29 ± 23 % of C produced by net ecosystem production was ultimately...

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  • 2020

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  • University of Geneva
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • Idiap Research Institute