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International stroke genetics consortium - intracranial aneurysm groups - cohorts and phenotypic descriptors

Sandrine Morel
Approximately 3% of the population harbor an unruptured intracranial aneurysm (IA) and the overall risk of an aneurysmal rupture is about 1% per year. Rupture of IA causes aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) and despite recent improvements in risk stratification, imaging, surgical and intensive care treatment, the functional outcome after aSAH remains poor. The goal of the present study was to investigate patient and IA characteristics associated with IA rupture using a large multicenter collection of...

Supplementary information for: From scales to armour: scale losses and trunk bony plate gains in ray-finned fishes

Alexandre Lemopoulos & Juan Ignacio Montoya-Burgos
Actinopterygians (ray-finned fishes) are the most diversified group of vertebrates and are characterized by a variety of protective structures covering their integument, the evolution of which has intrigued biologists for decades. Paleontological records showed that the first mineralized vertebrate skeleton was composed of dermal bony plates covering the body, including odontogenic and skeletogenic components. Later in evolution, the exoskeleton of actinopterygian's trunk was composed of scale structures. Although scales are nowadays a widespread integument cover,...


Bruno Cartoni, Thomas Meyer & Philipp Koehn
These files provide statement pair extractions from the Europarl corpus of the same known source language directly translated to the target langages.

Air temperature influences early Covid-19 outbreak as indicated by worldwide mortality

Claudio QuilodrĂ¡n, Mathias Currat & Juan Montoya-Burgos
The Covid-19 outbreak has triggered a global crisis that is challenging governments, health systems and the scientific community worldwide. A central question in the Covid-19 pandemic is whether climatic factors have influenced its progression. To address this question, we used mortality rates during the first three weeks of recorded mortality in 144 countries, during the first wave of the pandemic. We examined the effect of climatic variables, along with the proportion of the population older...

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