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Data from: Population-specific recombination sites within the human MHC region

Ee Chee Ren, Tze Hau Lam, Meixin Shen, Jer-Ming Chia & Soh Ha Chan
Genetic rearrangement by recombination is one of the major driving forces for genome evolution and recombination are known to occur in non-random, discreet recombination sites within the genome. Mapping of recombination sites have proved difficult particularly in the human MHC region that is complicated by both population variation and highly polymorphic HLA genes. To overcome these problems, HLA typed individuals from three representative populations: Asian, European and African were used to generate phased HLA haplotypes....

Data from: Use of ancient sedimentary DNA as a novel conservation tool for high-altitude tropical biodiversity

Sanne Boessenkool, Gayle McGlynn, Laura S. Epp, David Taylor, Manuel Pimentel, Abel Gizaw, Sileshi Nemomissa, Christian Brochmann & Magnus Popp
Conservation of biodiversity may in the future increasingly depend upon the availability of scientific information to set suitable restoration targets. In traditional paleoecology, sediment-based pollen provides a means to define preanthropogenic impact conditions, but problems in establishing the exact provenance and ecologically meaningful levels of taxonomic resolution of the evidence are limiting. We explored the extent to which the use of sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) may complement pollen data in reconstructing past alpine environments in...

Data from: Climate warming and the potential extinction of fig wasps, the obligate pollinators of figs

Alexander G. R. Goh, Richard T. Corlett & Nanthinee Jevanandam
Figs (Ficus) have a reciprocally obligate mutualism with tiny, short-lived (1–2 days) fig wasps (Agaonidae). The small size and short life of these pollinators is expected to make them more vulnerable to climate change than their larger and longer-lived hosts. We experimentally tested the thermal tolerances of four species of adult female fig wasps from equatorial Singapore. The results suggest that an increase of ≥ 3oC above the current temperatures experienced across much of the...

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  • 2013

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