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Local adaptation constrains drought tolerance in a tropical foundation tree

Kasey Barton, Casey Jones, Kyle Edwards, Aaron Shiels & Tiffany Knight
1. Plant species with broad climatic ranges might be more vulnerable to climate change than previously appreciated due to intraspecific variation in climatic stress tolerance. In tropical forests, drought is increasingly frequent and severe, causing widespread declines and altering community dynamics. Yet, little is known about whether foundation tropical trees vary in drought tolerance throughout their distributions, and how intraspecific variation in drought tolerance might contribute to their vulnerability to climate change. 2. We tested...

Tree functional traits as predictors of microburst-associated treefalls in tropical wet forests

Alana Rader, Amy Cotrell, Anna Kudla, Tiffany Lum, David Henderson & Harshad Karandikar
On 19 May 2018 a microburst caused 600 isolated forest gaps in a Costa Rican tropical forest. We surveyed fallen and standing trees within gaps to determine if certain variables are associated with treefalls. Our results highlight considerations for future research to understand the impacts of microbursts in tropical forests. Our results show that at the scale and locality of our study, treefall vulnerability to microbursts and characteristics of fall events are independent of the...

Multi-locus microsatellite genotypes of Pocillopora acuta (Scleractinia: Pocilloporidae) in the Bolinao-Anda Reef Complex, Philippines

Andrew Torres, Rachel Ravago-Gotanco & Zac Forsman
This repository contains genotype data and sampling metadata used for the manuscript "Shifts in coral clonality along a gradient of disturbance: insights on reproduction and dispersal of Pocillopora acuta". The dataset contains genotypes of 428 P. acuta colonies using 16 polymorphic microsatellite loci, colony sizes, in-transect locations of each coral, and geographic coordinates of reef sites. These were used to examine clonal richness and structure, population genetic differentiation, and demographic and genetic connectivity within the...

How female × male and male × male interactions influence competitive fertilization in Drosophila melanogaster

Stefan Lüpold, Jonathan Reil, Mollie Manier, Valérian Zeender, John Belote & Scott Pitnick
How males and females contribute to joint reproductive success has been a long-standing question in sexual selection. Under postcopulatory sexual selection (PSS), paternity success is predicted to derive from complex interactions among females engaging in cryptic female choice and males engaging in sperm competition. Such interactions have been identified as potential sources of genetic variation in sexually selected traits but are also expected to inhibit trait diversification. To date, studies of interactions between females and...

The legacy of stress: coral bleaching impacts reproduction years later

Erika Johnston, Chelsie Counsell, Tayler Sale, Scott Burgess & Rob Toonen
1. The extent to which populations persist under environmental stress depends on the reproductive output of individuals that survive the stress. In coral systems, corals bleach in response to stress from elevated water temperature. However, little is known of the extent to which thermal stress impairs the reproductive capacity of the survivors over the following years, limiting the capacity to predict how populations will persist in the Anthropocene. 2. Using histology to quantify the abundance...

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