Data from: Natural Wolbachia infections are common in the major malaria vectors in Central Africa

Diego Ayala, Ousman Akone-Ella, Nil Rahola, Pierre Kengne, Marc F. Ngangue, Fabrice Mezeme, Boris K. Makanga, Martha Nigg, Carlo Costantini, Frederic Simard, Franck Prugnolle, Benjamin Roche, Olivier Duron & Christophe Paupy
During the last decade, the endosymbiont bacterium Wolbachia has emerged as a biological tool for vector disease control. However, for long time, it was believed that Wolbachia was absent in natural populations of Anopheles. The recent discovery that species within the Anopheles gambiae complex host Wolbachia in natural conditions has opened new opportunities for malaria control research in Africa. Here, we investigated the prevalence and diversity of Wolbachia infection in 25 African Anopheles species in...

Registration Year

  • 2019

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  • Dataset


  • Centre International de Recherches M├ędicales de Franceville
  • French National Centre for Scientific Research