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Data from: Ancient drainage networks mediated a large-scale genetic introgression in the East Asian freshwater snails

Osamu Miura, Urabe Misako, Hideaki Mori & Satoshi Chiba
Biogeography and genetic variation of freshwater organisms are influenced not only by current freshwater connections but also by past drainage networks. The Seto Inland Sea is a shallow enclosed sea in Japan, but geological evidence showed that a large freshwater drainage had intermittently appeared in this area between the late Pliocene and Pleistocene. Here we demonstrated that this paleodrainage greatly affected the genetic variation of the East Asian freshwater snails, Semisulcospira spp. We found that...

Data from: Estimating polymorphic growth curve sets with non-chronological data

Kai Moriguchi
1. When we collect the growth curves of many individuals, orderly variation in the curves is often observed rather than a completely random mixture of various curves. Small individuals may exhibit similar growth curves, but the curves differ from those of large individuals, whereby the curves gradually vary from small to large individuals. It has been recognized that after standardization with the asymptotes, if all the growth curves are the same (anamorphic growth curve set),...

Data from: Reproductive interference hampers species coexistence despite conspecific sperm precedence

Suzuki Noriyuki & Ryosuke Iritani
Negative interspecific mating interactions, known as reproductive interference, can hamper species coexistence in a local patch and promote niche partitioning or geographical segregation of closely related species. Conspecific sperm precedence (CSP), which occurs when females that have mated with both conspecific and heterospecific males preferentially use conspecific sperm for fertilization, might contribute to species coexistence by mitigating the costs of interspecific mating and hybridization. We discussed whether two species exhibiting CSP can coexist in a...

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