The internal region of CtIP functions as a regulator of DNA end resection

Sean Howard, Ilaria Ceppi, Roopesh Anand, Roger Geiger & Petr Cejka
DNA double-strand breaks are repaired by end-joining or homologous recombination. A key-committing step of recombination is DNA end resection. In resection, phosphorylated CtIP first promotes the endonuclease of the MRE11-RAD50-NBS1 (MRN) complex. Subsequently, CtIP also stimulates the BLM-DNA2 helicase-nuclease, coordinating thus both short and long-range resection. The structure of CtIP differs from its orthologues in yeast, as it contains a large internal region. Here we conducted a domain analysis of the internal region of CtIP...

Registration Year

  • 2020

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  • Dataset


  • Institute for Research in Biomedicine