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Data from: Decreased brain connectivity in smoking contrasts with increased connectivity in drinking

Wei Cheng, Edmund T. Rolls, Trevor W. Robbins, Weikang Gong, Zhaowen Liu, Wujun Lv, Jingnan Du, Hongkai Wen, Liang Ma, Erin Burke Quinlan, Hugh Garavan, Eric Artiges, Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos, Michael N. Smolka, Gunter Schumann, Keith Kendrick & Jianfeng Feng
In a group of 831 participants from the general population in the Human Connectome Project, smokers exhibited low overall functional connectivity, and more specifically of the lateral orbitofrontal cortex which is associated with non-reward mechanisms, the adjacent inferior frontal gyrus, and the precuneus. Participants who drank a high amount had overall increases in resting state functional connectivity, and specific increases in reward-related systems including the medial orbitofrontal cortex and the cingulate cortex. Increased impulsivity was...

Data from: In vivo dynamics of skeletal muscle Dystrophin in zebrafish embryos revealed by improved FRAP analysis

Fernanda Bajanca, Vinicio Gonzalez-Perez, Sean J. Gillespie, Cyriaque Beley, Luis Garcia, Eric Theveneau, Richard P. Sear & Simon M. Hughes
Dystrophin forms an essential link between sarcolemma and cytoskeleton, perturbation of which causes muscular dystrophy. We analysed Dystrophin binding dynamics in vivo for the first time. Within maturing fibres of host zebrafish embryos, our analysis reveals a pool of diffusible Dystrophin and complexes bound at the fibre membrane. Combining modelling, an improved FRAP methodology and direct semi-quantitative analysis of bleaching suggests the existence of two membrane-bound Dystrophin populations with widely differing bound lifetimes: a stable,...

Data from: A case-by-case analysis of four imprinted retrogenes

Ruth B McCole, Noeleen B Loughran, Mandeep Chahal, Luis P Fernandes, Roland G Roberts, Franca Fraternali, Mary J O'Connell & Rebecca J Oakey
Retroposition is a widespread phenomenon resulting in the generation of new genes that are initially related to a parent gene via very high coding sequence similarity. We examine the evolutionary fate of four retrogenes generated by such an event; mouse Inpp5f_v2, Mcts2, Nap1l5, and U2af1-rs1. These genes are all subject to the epigenetic phenomenon of parental imprinting. We first provide new data on the age of these retrogene insertions. Using codon-based models of sequence evolution,...

Data from: Short-term and medium-term survival of critically ill patients with solid tumours admitted to the intensive care unit: a retrospective analysis

Richard Fisher, Carole Dangoisse, Siobhan Crichton, Craig Whiteley, Luigi Camporota, Richard Beale & Marlies Ostermann
Objectives: Patients with cancer frequently require unplanned admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Our objectives were to assess hospital and 180-day mortality in patients with a non-haematological malignancy and unplanned ICU admission, and to identify which factors present on admission were the best predictors of mortality. Design: Retrospective review of all patients with a diagnosis of solid tumours following unplanned admission to the ICU between 1st August 2008 and 31st July 2012. Setting: Single...

Data from: Ecosystem services provided by bromeliad plants: a systematic review

Geraldine Ladino, Fabiola Ospina-Bautista, Jaime Estévez Varón, Lucie Jerabkova & Pavel Kratina
The unprecedented loss of biological diversity has negative impacts on ecosystems and the associated benefits which they provide to humans. Bromeliads have high diversity throughout the Neotropics, but they have been negatively affected by habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, herbivorous species invasions, and they are also being commercialized for ornamental use. These plants provide direct benefits to the human society and they also form micro ecosystems in which accumulated water and nutrients support the...

Data from: Brain myo-inositol as a potential marker of amyloid-related pathology: a longitudinal study.

Olga Voevodskaya, Konstantinos Poulakis, Pia Sundgren, Danielle Van Westen, Sebastian Palmqvist, Lars Olof Wahlund, Erik Stomrud, Oskar Hansson & Eric Westman
Objective: To investigate the association between longitudinal changes in proton magnetic spectroscopy (MRS) metabolites and amyloid pathology in non-demented individuals; to explore the relationship between MRS and cognitive decline. Methods: In this longitudinal multiple time point study (a subset of the Swedish BioFINDER) we included cognitively healthy participants, individuals with subjective cognitive decline and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). MRS was acquired serially in 294 participants (670 individual spectra) from the posterior cingulate/precuneus. Using mixed-effects models,...

One-year sustained efficacy of erenumab in episodic migraine: Results of the STRIVE study - supplementary data

Peter Goadsby
Objective: To assess efficacy and tolerability of 1-year erenumab treatment in patients with episodic migraine. Methods: Patients were randomized (n=955; 1:1:1) during the 24-week double-blind treatment phase (DBTP) to monthly subcutaneous placebo, erenumab 70 or 140mg. At Week 24, 845 patients were re-randomized (1:1) to erenumab 70 or 140mg during the 28-week dose-blinded active-treatment phase (ATP). Monthly migraine days (MMD), achieving ≥50%, ≥75% and 100% reduction in MMD, and safety/tolerability were assessed. Results: Mean MMD...

In-depth comparative toxicogenomics of glyphosate and Roundup herbicides: Histopathology, transcriptome and epigenome signatures, and DNA damage

Robin Mesnage, Mariam Ibragim, Daniele Mandrioli, Laura Falcioni, Eva Tibaldi, Inger Brandsma, Fiorella Belpoggi, Emma Bourne, Emanuel Savage, Charles A Mein & Michael Antoniou
Whether or not glyphosate activates cellular mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis remains controversial. We tested whether glyphosate and three glyphosate-based commercial herbicide formulations activate mechanisms known to be key characteristics of carcinogens. The mammalian stem cell-based genotoxicity ToxTracker assay showed that the representative EU formulation Roundup MON 52276 and the UK formulation Roundup MON 76473, but not glyphosate and the US Roundup formulation MON 76207, activated oxidative stress and unfolded protein responses. High-throughput molecular profiling of...

Air Pollution datasets in megacities for a road increment of particulate matter

Roy Harrison & Tuan Vu
Data sets for major air pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, NO2, NOx) in London, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, Hongkong during 2014-2018.

Online Appendix: Stakeholder Engagement Strategies, National Institutions, and Firm Performance: A Configurational Perspective

Kamini Gupta, Donal Crilly & Thomas Greckhamer
Online Appendix for Stakeholder Engagement Strategies, National Institutions, and Firm Performance: A Configurational Perspective Authors: Gupta, Kamini; Crilly, Donal; Greckhamer, Thomas Request from Publisher (Wiley) to state the following for forthcoming publication in Strategic Management Journal

Data from: Patterns of relapse in extrapulmonary small cell carcinoma: retrospective analysis of outcomes from two cancer centres

Spyridon Gennatas, Jillian Noble, Susannah Stanway, Ranga Gunapala, Mahfuja Chowdhury, Andrew Wotherspoon, Taqdir Benepal & Sanjay Popat
Objectives: We conducted a retrospective review of patients with extrapulmonary small cell carcinomas (EPSCCs) to explore the distribution, treatments, patterns of relapse and outcomes by primary site. Setting: We have reviewed the outcomes of one of the largest data sets of consecutive patients with EPSCC identified from two major cancer centres. Participants: Consecutive patients with a histopathological diagnosis of EPSCC from the two institutions were retrospectively identified. Primary and secondary outcome measures: Outcomes were evaluated...

Data from: Analysis of a panel of 48 cytokines in BAL fluids specifically identifies IL-8 levels as the only cytokine that distinguishes controlled asthma from uncontrolled asthma, and correlates inversely with FEV1

Koa Hosoki, Sun Ying, Christopher Corrigan, Huibin Qi, Alexander Kurosky, Kristofer Jennings, Qian Sun, Istvan Boldogh & Sanjiv Sur
We sought to identify cells and cytokines in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluids that distinguish asthma from healthy control subjects and those that distinguish controlled asthma from uncontrolled asthma. Following informed consent, 36 human subjects were recruited for this study. These included 11 healthy control subjects, 15 subjects with controlled asthma with FEV1≥80% predicted and 10 subjects with uncontrolled asthma with FEV1 <80% predicted. BAL fluid was obtained from all subjects. The numbers of different cell...

Data from: Glutamate receptor delta2 serum antibodies in paediatric opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia syndrome

Georgina Berridge, David A Menassa, Teresa Moloney, Patrick J Waters, Imogen Welding, Selina Thomsen, Sameer Zuberi, Roman Fischer, A. Radu Aricescu, Michael Pike, Russell C Dale, Benedikt Kessler, Angela Vincent, Ming Lim, Sarosh R Irani & Bethan Lang
Objective: To identify neuronal surface antibodies in opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia syndrome (OMAS) usingcontemporary antigen discovery methodology. Methods: OMAS patient serum IgG immunohistochemistry using age-equivalent rat cerebellar tissue was followed by immunoprecipitation, gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. Data are available via ProteomeXchange (identifier PXD009578). This generated a list of potential neuronal surface cerebellar autoantigens. Live cell-based assays (CBA) were used to confirm membrane-surface antigens and adsorb antigen-specific IgGs. The serological results were compared to the clinical...

Data from: Magnetic resonance imaging and tensor-based morphometry in the MPTP non-human primate model of Parkinson’s disease

Michel Modo, William R. Crum, Madeline Gerwig, Anthony C. Vernon, Priya Patel, Michael J. Jackson, Sarah Rose, Peter Jenner & Mahmoud M. Iravani
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder producing a variety of motor and cognitive deficits with the causes remaining largely unknown. The gradual loss of the nigrostriatal pathway is currently considered the pivotal pathological event. To better understand the progression of PD and improve treatment management, defining the disease on a structural basis and expanding brain analysis to extra-nigral structures is indispensable. The anatomical complexity and the presence of neuromelanin, make the...

Data from: Correlations of behavioral deficits with brain pathology assessed through longitudinal MRI and histopathology in the HDHQ150/Q150 mouse model of Huntington's disease

Ivan Rattray, Edward J. Smith, William R. Crum, Thomas J. Walker, Richard Gale, Gillian P. Bates, Mike Modo & Michel Modo
A variety of mouse models have been developed that express mutant huntingtin (mHTT) leading to aggregates and inclusions that model the molecular pathology observed in Huntington’s disease. Here we show that although homozygous HdhQ150 knock-in mice developed motor impairments (rotarod, locomotor activity, grip strength) by 36 weeks of age, cognitive dysfunction (swimming T maze, fear conditioning, odor discrimination, social interaction) was not evident by 94 weeks. Concomitant to behavioral assessments, T2-weighted MRI volume measurements indicated...

Historical analysis of seagrass loss in the United Kingdom

Alix E. Green, Michael A. Chadwick, Richard K.F. Unsworth & Peter J.S. Jones
This dataset includes empirical and qualitative data from a multitude of sources using systematic review methods to provide analysis on seagrass occurrence and loss in the United Kingdom. We document 8,493 ha of recently mapped seagrass in the UK since 1998.

Data from: Fire evolution in the radioactive forests of Ukraine and Belarus: future risks for the population and the environment

Nikolaos Evangeliou, Yves Balkanski, Anne Cozic, Wei Min Hao, Florent Mouillot, Kirsten Thonicke, Ronan Paugam, Sergey Zibtsev, Timothy A. Mousseau, Rong Wang, Benjamin Poulter, Alex Petkov, Chao Yue, Patricia Cadule, Brigitte Koffi, Johannes W. Kaiser & Anders Pape Møller
This paper analyzes the current and future status of forests in Ukraine and Belarus that were contaminated after the nuclear disaster in 1986. Using several models, together with remote sensing data and observations, we studied how climate change in these forests may affect fire regimes. We investigated the possibility of 137Cs displacement over Europe by studying previous fire events, and examined three fire scenarios that depended on different emission altitudes of 137Cs, assuming that 10%...

Flow cytometry data: healthy donor bone marrow taken during hip surgery

Jessica Timms, James Opzoomer, Kevin Blighe, Thanos Mourikis, Nicolas Chapuis, Richard Bekoe, Sedigeh Kareemaghay, Paola Nocerino, Benedetta Apollonio, Alan Ramsay, Mahvash Tavassoli, Claire Harrison, Francesca Ciccarelli, Peter Parker, Michaela Fontenay, Paul Barber, James Arnold & Shahram Kordasti
High dimensional cytometry is an innovative tool for immune monitoring in health and disease, it has provided novel insight into the underlying biology as well as biomarkers for a variety of diseases. However, the analysis of large multiparametric datasets usually requires specialist computational knowledge. Here we describe ImmunoCluster (https://github.com/kordastilab/ImmunoCluster) an R package for immune profiling cellular heterogeneity in high dimensional liquid and imaging mass cytometry, and flow cytometry data, designed to facilitate computational analysis by...

Imaging mass cytometry data: Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma lymph node section

Jessica Timms, James Opzoomer, Kevin Blighe, Thanos Mourikis, Nicolas Chapuis, Richard Bekoe, Sedigeh Kareemaghay, Paola Nocerino, Benedetta Apollonio, Alan Ramsay, Mahvash Tavassoli, Claire Harrison, Francesca Ciccarelli, Peter Parker, Michaela Fontenay, Paul Barber, James Arnold & Shahram Kordasti
High dimensional cytometry is an innovative tool for immune monitoring in health and disease, it has provided novel insight into the underlying biology as well as biomarkers for a variety of diseases. However, the analysis of large multiparametric datasets usually requires specialist computational knowledge. Here we describe ImmunoCluster (https://github.com/kordastilab/ImmunoCluster) an R package for immune profiling cellular heterogeneity in high dimensional liquid and imaging mass cytometry, and flow cytometry data, designed to facilitate computational analysis by...

Substrate utilisation profiles for saprotrophic fungi and moisture content data from soil sampled in an upland grassland experiment at Sourhope, Scotland, 2001 [NERC Soil Biodiversity Programme]

L.J. Deacon, E.J. Pryce-Miller, J.C. Frankland, B.W. Bainbridge, P.D. Moore, C.H. Robinson & N. Parekh
This set of data comprises substrate utilisation profiles for saprotrophic fungi (using the commercially available BIOLOG plate method) and moisture content data from soils sampled from experimental plots at Sourhope, Scotland. The data were collected in order to determine how the high species richness of decomposer (saprotrophic) fungi and their relative frequencies of occurrence influence the decomposition of organic matter. Data were collected during a project funded under the NERC Soil Biodiversity Programme, established in...

Data from: The association between subjective memory complaint and objective cognitive function in older people with previous major depression

Chung-Shiang Chu, I-Wen Sun, Aysha Begum, Shen-Ing Liu, Ching-Jui Chang, Wei-Che Chiu, Chin-Hsin Chen, Hwang-Shen Tang, Chia-Li Yang, Ying-Chin Lin, Chih-Chiang Chiu & Robert Stewart
The goal of this study is to investigate associations between subjective memory complaint and objective cognitive performance in older people with previous major depression-a high-risk sample for cognitive impairment and later dementia. A cross-sectional study was carried out in people aged 60 or over with previous major depression but not fulfilling current major depression criteria according to DSM-IV-TR. People with dementia or Mini-Mental State Examination score less than 17 were excluded. Subjective memory complaint was...

Data from: Association between probable postnatal depression and increased infant mortality and morbidity: findings from the DON population-based cohort study in rural Ghana

Benedict Weobong, Augustinus H. A. Ten Asbroek, Seyi Soremekun, Lu Gram, Seeba Amenga-Etego, Samuel Danso, Seth Owusu-Agyei, Martin Prince & Betty R. Kirkwood
Objectives: To assess the impact of probable depression in the immediate postnatal period on subsequent infant mortality and morbidity. Design: Cohort study nested within 4 weekly surveillance of all women of reproductive age to identify pregnancies and collect data on births and deaths. Setting: Rural/periurban communities within the Kintampo Health Research Centre study area of the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana. Participants: 16 560 mothers who had a live singleton birth reported between 24 March 2008...

Data from: Mouse screen reveals multiple new genes underlying mouse and human hearing loss

Neil J. Ingham, Selina A. Pearson, Valerie E. Vancollie, Victoria Rook, Morag A. Lewis, Jing Chen, Annalisa Buniello, Elisa Martelletti, Lorenzo Preite, Chi C. Lam, Felix D. Weiss, Zoe Powis, Pim Suwannarat, Christopher J. Lelliot, Sally J. Dawson, Jacqueline K. White & Karen P. Steel
Adult-onset hearing loss is very common but we know little about the underlying molecular pathogenesis, impeding development of therapies. We took a genetic approach to identify new molecules involved in hearing loss by screening a large cohort of newly-generated mouse mutants using a sensitive electrophysiological test, the auditory brainstem response. We review here the findings from this screen. Thirty-eight unexpected genes associated with raised thresholds were detected from our unbiased sample of 1,211 genes tested,...

Fragmentation in trader preferences among multiple markets: Market coexistence versus single market dominance

Aleksandra Alorić, Robin Nicole & Peter Sollich
Technological advancement has lead to an increase in number and type of trading venues and diversification of goods traded. These changes have re-emphasized the importance of understanding the effects of market competition: does proliferation of trading venues and increased competition lead to dominance of a single market or coexistence of multiple markets? In this paper, we address these questions in a stylized model of Zero Intelligence traders who make repeated decisions at which of three...

Clinical features in X-linked myotubular myopathy carriers

Stacha Reumers, Frederik Braun, Jennifer Spillane, Johann Böhm, Maartje Pennings, Meyke Schouten, Anneke Van Der Kooi, Reghan Foley, Carsten Bönnemann, Erik-Jan Kamsteeg, Corrie Erasmus, Ulrike Schara-Schmidt, Heinz Jungbluth & Nicol Voermans
Objective: To characterize the spectrum of clinical features in a cohort of X-linked myotubular myopathy (XL-MTM) carriers, including prevalence, genetic features, clinical symptoms and signs, as well as associated disease burden. Methods: We performed a cross-sectional online questionnaire study among XL-MTM carriers. Participants were recruited from patient associations, medical centers and registries in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. We used a custom-made questionnaire, the Checklist Individual Strength (CIS), the Frenchay Activities Index (FAI),...

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