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Alterations ion channel expression in prefrontal cortex of a mouse model of schizophrenia

Zhen Mi & Yousheng Shu
Maternal immune activation (MIA) and juvenile social isolation (SI) are two most prevalent and widely accepted environmental insults that could increase the propensity of psychiatric illnesses. Using a two-hit model, we examined the impact of these two factors on expressions of voltage-gated sodium (Nav) and small conductance calcium-activated potassium (SK) channels in the prefrontal cortex (PFC). We found that MIA-SI significantly increased the expression level of Nav1.2 and SK3 channels that contribute to the somatodendritic...

Data from: The niches of nuthatches affect their lineage evolution differently across latitude

Yu-Chi Chen, Masoud Nazarizadeh, Fu‐Min Lei, Xiao‐Jun Yang, Cheng‐Te Yao, Feng Dong, Lu Dong, Fa‐Sheng Zou, Sergei V. Drovetski, Yang Liu, Chun-Cheng Huang, Chih-Ming Hung, Fu-Min Lei, Yu‐Chi Chen, Chun‐Cheng Huang & Chih‐Ming Hung
Ecological niche evolution can promote or hinder the differentiation of taxa and determine their distribution. Niche‐mediated evolution may differ among climatic regimes, and thus species that occur across a wide latitudinal range offer a chance to test these heterogeneous evolutionary processes. In this study, we examine (1) how many lineages have evolved across the continent‐wide range of the Eurasian nuthatch (Sitta europaea), (2) whether the lineages’ niches are significantly divergent or conserved, and (3) how...

Data from: Temporal intraspecific trait variability drives responses of functional diversity to inter-annual aridity variation in grasslands

Huiying Chen, Yongmei Huang, Kejian He, Yu Qi, Engui Li, Zhiyun Jiang, Zhilu Sheng & Xiaoyan Li
Inter-annual climate variation alters functional diversity through intraspecific trait variability and species turnover. We examined these diversity elements in three types of grasslands in Northern China, including two temperate steppes and an alpine meadow. We evaluated the differences in community-weighted means (CWM) of plant traits and functional dispersion (FDis) between two years with contrasting aridity in the growing season. Four traits were measured: specific leaf area (SLA), leaf dry matter content (LDMC), leaf nitrogen concentration...

Data from: Genetic, phenotypic and ecological differentiation suggests incipient speciation in two Charadrius plovers along the Chinese coast

Xuejing Wang, Pinjia Que, Gerald Heckel, Junhua Hu, Xuecong Zhang, Chung-Yu Chiang, Nan Zhang, Qin Huang, Simin Liu, Jonathan Martinez, Emilio Pagani-Núñez, Caroline Dingle, Yu Yan Leung, Tamás Székely, Zhengwang Zhang & Yang Liu
Background: Speciation with gene flow is an alternative to the nascence of new taxa in strict allopatric separation. Indeed, many taxa have parapatric distributions at present. It is often unclear if these are secondary contacts, e.g. caused by past glaciation cycles or the manifestation of speciation with gene flow, which hampers our understanding of how different forces drive diversification. Here we studied genetic, phenotypic and ecological aspects of divergence in a pair of incipient shorebird...

SSR genotypes and geographical locations of collections of three Asian butternuts and two species of Quercus

Yu Cao
In the file, we display the genotypes of 502 adult individuals of 17 natural Q. mongolica populations (QM), 139 individuals of 5 populations of northeast Q. liaotungensis (QL_ CBS), 240 individuals from 8 populations of northwest Q. liaotungensis (QL_ NWC), 596 individuals in 25 J. cathayensis (JC) populations, 399 individuals in 14 J. mandshurica populations (JM) and 107 individuals in 5 J. ailantifolia populations (JA). And also the information of samples: geographical locations of collections...

Data from: Context-dependent strategies of food allocation among offspring in a facultative cooperative breeder

Jianqiang Li, Yong Wang, Lei Lv, Pengcheng Wang, Ben J. Hatchwell & Zhengwang Zhang
Natural selection should favor adoption of parental strategies that maximize fitness when allocating investment among offspring. In birds, begging displays often convey information of nestling need and quality, allowing parents to make adaptive food allocation decisions. We investigated how adults utilized cues likely to represent nestling competitive ability (begging position) and need (begging intensity), and a cue independent of nestling control (nestling sex) to distribute food among nestlings in a facultative cooperative breeder, the black-throated...

Data from: Multiple parapatric pollinators have radiated across a continental fig tree displaying clinal genetic variation

Hui Yu, Enwei Tian, Linna Zheng, Xiaoxia Deng, Yufen Cheng, Lianfu Chen, Wei Wu, Wattana Tanming, Dayong Zhang, Stephen G. Compton & Finn Kjellberg
The ways that plant-feeding insects have diversified is central to our understanding of terrestrial ecosystems. Obligate nursery pollination mutualisms provide highly relevant model systems of how plants and their insect associates have diversified and the over 800 species of fig trees (Ficus) allow comparative studies. Fig trees can have one or more pollinating fig wasp species (Agaonidae) that breed within their figs, but factors influencing their number remain to be established. In some widely distributed...

Data from: Unraveling independent origins of two tetraploid Achillea species by amplicon sequencing

Jun-Nan Wan, Yan-Ping Guo & Guang-Yuan Rao
Allopolyploidy is a significant mechanism of plant speciation, and many allopolyploid species have arisen recurrently. However, the probability that allopolyploidization between the same two parental species may lead to the origin of different taxa has received little attention. Here we used a new progenitor-specific amplicon sequencing method to demonstrate the independent origins of two yarrow species, Achillea alpina and A. wilsoniana, via allotetraploidy from the same diploid progenitor species pair, A. acuminata and A. asiatica....

Cryo-EM Structure of Actin Filaments from Zea mays Pollen

Zhanhong Ren, Yan Zhang, Yi Zhang, Yunqiu He, Pingzhou Du, Zhanxin Wang, Fei Sun & Haiyun Ren
Actins are among the most abundant and conserved proteins in eukaryotic cells, where they form filamentous structures that perform vital roles in key cellular processes. Although large amounts of data on the biochemical activities, dynamic behaviors, and important cellular functions of plant actin filaments have accumulated, their structural basis is elusive. Here, we report a 3.9 Å structure of the plant actin filament (ZMPA) from Zea mays pollen using cryo-electron microscopy. The structure shows a...

Data from: A global dataset for economic losses of extreme hydrological events during 1960-2014

Bo Tao, Liping Gao, Yunxuan Miao, Lihua Zhang, Xia Song, Wei Ren, Liyuan He & Xiaofeng Xu
A comprehensive dataset of extreme hydrological events (EHEs) – floods and droughts, consisting of 2,171 occurrences worldwide, during 1960‐2014 was compiled, and then their economic losses were normalized using a price index in U.S. dollar. The dataset showed a significant increasing trend of EHEs before 2000, while a slight post‐2000 decline. Correspondingly, the EHEs‐caused economic losses increased obviously before 2000 followed by a slight decrease; the post‐2000 decline could be partially attributed to the decreases...

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