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Data from: Phosphorus alleviation of nitrogen-suppressed methane sink in global grasslands

Lihua Zhang, Fenghui Yuan, Junhong Bai, Hongtao Duan, Xueying Gu, Longyu Hou, Yao Huang, Mingan Yang, Jinsheng He, Zhenghua Zhang, Lijun Yu, Changchun Song, David Lipson, Donatella Zona, Walter Oechel, Ivan Janssens & Xiaofeng Xu
Grassland ecosystems account for more than 10% of the global CH4 sink in soils. A 4-year field experiment found that addition of P alone did not affect CH4 uptake and experimental addition of N alone significantly suppressed CH4 uptake, while concurrent N and P additions suppressed CH4 uptake to a lesser degree. A meta-analysis including 382 data points in global grasslands corroborated these findings. Global extrapolation with an empirical modeling approach estimated that contemporary N...

Regionally divergent drivers of historical diversification in the late Quaternary in a widely distributed generalist species, the common pheasant Phasianus colchicus

Yang Liu, Simin Liu, Edouard Jelen, Mansour Alibadian, Cheng-Te Yao, Xintong Li, Nasrin Kayvanfar, Yutao Wang, Farhad Vahidi, Jianlin Han, Gombobaatar Sundev, Zhengwang Zhang & Manuel Schweizer
Aim: Pleistocene climate and associated environmental changes have influenced phylogeographic patterns of many species. These not only depend on a species’ life history but also vary regionally. Consequently, populations of widespread species that occur in several biomes might display different evolutionary trajectories. We aimed to identify regional drivers of diversification in the common pheasant, a widely distributed ecological generalist. Study location: Asia Taxon: Common pheasant Phasianus colchicus Methods: Using a comprehensive geographic sampling of 204...

The impact of urbanization on body size of Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica gutturalis

Yanyan Zhao, Yu Liu, Elizabeth Scordato, Myung-Bok Lee, Xiaoying Xing, Xinyuan Pan, Yang Liu, Rebecca Safran & Emilio Pagani-Núñez
Urbanization implies a dramatic impact on ecosystems, which may lead to drastic phenotypic differences between urban and non-urban individuals. For instance, urbanization is associated with increased metabolic costs, which may constrain body size, but urbanization also leads to habitat fragmentation, which may favour increases in body mass when for instance it correlates with dispersal capacity. However, this apparent contradiction has rarely been studied. This is particularly evident in China where the urbanization process is currently...

Regrowth strategies of Leymus chinensis in response to different grazing intensities

Zihe Zhang, Jirui Gong, Biao Wang, Xiaobing Li, Yong Ding, Bo Yang, Chenchen Zhu, Wei Zhang & Min Liu
In temperate grassland ecosystems, grazing can affect plant growth by foraging, trampling and excretion. The ability of dominant plant species to regrow after grazing is critical, since it allows the regeneration of photosynthetic tissues to support growth. We conducted a field experiment to evaluate the effects of different grazing intensities (control, light, medium, and heavy) on the physiological and biochemical responses of Leymus chinensis and the carbon (C) sources utilized during regrowth. Light grazing promoted...

Burrow ambient temperature influences Helice crab activity and availability for migratory Red-crowned Cranes Grus japonensis

Donglai Li, Jing Zhang, Lingyu Chen, Huw Lloyd & Zhengwang Zhang
For migratory birds that specialize on particular benthic macroinvertebrate species, the timing of migration is critical since prey availability may be temporally limited and a function of local ambient temperature. Hence, variation in local ambient temperature can influence the diet composition of migrant birds, and consequently they may be constrained by which stopover and wintering sites they are able to utilize during periods of colder temperatures. Here we use faecal analysis, observer-based population counts, digital...

Data from: Disturbance and predation risk influence vigilance synchrony of Black-necked Cranes Grus nigricollis, but not as strongly as expected

Dejun Kong, Anders Pape Møller & Yanyun Zhang
Animals monitor surrounding dangers independently or cooperatively (synchronized and coordinated vigilance), with independent and synchronized scanning being prevalent. Coordinated vigilance, including unique sentinel behaviour, is rare in nature, since it is time-consuming and limited in terms of benefits. No evidence showed animals adopt alternative vigilance strategies during antipredation scanning yet. Considering the non-independent nature of both synchronization and coordination, we assessed whether group members could keep alert synchronously or in a coordinated fashion under different...

Decreasing effects of precipitation on grassland spring phenology in temperate China

Xuancheng Zhou, Yongshuo Fu, Yaru Zhang, Xiaojun Geng, Fanghua Hao, Xuan Zhang, Heikki Hanninen, Yahui Guo & Hans J. De Boeck
Vegetation phenology is highly sensitive to climate change. The timing of spring phenology in temperate grasslands is primarily regulated by temperature and precipitation. This study aims to study whether the primary factor regulating vegetation phenology changed under ongoing climate change and its underlying mechanisms. In this study, we extracted Start of Season (SOS) dates using five standard methods from satellite-derived Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data and determined the primary regulating factor for spring phenology...

Data from: Non-crop features and heterogeneity mediate overwintering bird diversity in agricultural landscapes of Southwest China

Depin Li, Myung-Bok Lee, Wen Xiao, Jia Tang & Zhengwang Zhang
Farmland birds are of conservation concerns around the world. In China, conservation management has focused primarily on natural habitats, whereas little attention has been given to agricultural landscapes. Although agricultural land use is intensive in China, environmental heterogeneity can be highly variable in some regions due to variations in crop and non-crop elements within a landscape. We examined how non-crop heterogeneity, crop heterogeneity and non-crop features (non-crop vegetation and water body such as open water)...

Data from: Different processes shape the patterns of divergence in the nuclear and chloroplast genomes of a relict tree species in East Asia

Xiangyu Tian, Junwei Ye, Tianming Wang, Lei Bao & Hongfang Wang
Isolation by spatial distance (IBD), environment (IBE), and historical climatic stability (IBI) are three common processes assessed in phylogeographic and/or landscape genetic studies. However, the relative contributions of these three processes with respect to spatial genetic patterns have seldom been compared. Moreover, whether the relative contribution differ in different regions or when assessed using different genetic markers has rarely been reported. Lindera obtusiloba has been found to have two sister genetic clades of chloroplast (cpDNA)...

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