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Proactive conservation to prevent habitat losses to agricultural expansion

David Williams, Michael Clark, Graeme M. Buchanan, G. Francesco Ficetola, Carlo Rondinini & David Tilman
The projected loss of millions of square kilometres of natural ecosystems to meet future demand for food, animal feed, fibre, and bioenergy crops is likely to massively escalate threats to biodiversity. Reducing these threats requires a detailed knowledge of how and where they are likely to be most severe. We developed a geographically explicit model of future agricultural land clearance based on observed historic changes and combine the outputs with species-specific habitat preferences for 19,859...

Supplementary data associated with research paper: Decellurised intervertebral discs: A potential replacement for degenerate human intervertebral discs

Halina Norbertczak, Eileen Ingham, Hazel Fermor & Ruth Wilcox
Supplementary data associated with research paper: Decellurised intervertebral discs: A potential replacement for degenerate human intervertebral discs. Dataset comprised of histological images of bovine and human intervertebral disc (IVD) tissue regions; DNA and glycosaminoglycan assay data for bovine and human IVD tissue regions and biomechanical data for the compression testing of bovine IVDs. Date provided for cellular and decellularised samples.

Data Associated with 'The Energy and Exergy of Light with Application to Societal Exergy Analysis'

Matthew Heun, Zeke Marshall, Emmanuel Aramendia & Paul Brockway
This data repository contains the R code used in this analysis, and one excel workbook containing: 1) sources of the lamps and weighting functions used in this analysis; and 2) blank sheets for entry of spectral power distribution and weighting function data by a user of the code.

Palms and trees resist extreme drought in Amazon forests with shallow water tables

Thaiane Sousa, Juliana Schietti, Fernanda Coelho De Souza, Adriane Esquivel-Muelbert, Igor Ribeiro, Thaise Emilio, Pedro Pequeno, Oliver Phillips & Flavia Costa
1. The intensity and frequency of severe droughts in the Amazon region has increase in recent decades. These extreme events are associated with changes in forest dynamics, biomass and floristic composition. However, most studies of drought response have focused on upland forests with deep water tables, which may be especially sensitive to drought. Palms, which tend to dominate the less well-drained soils, have also been neglected. The relative neglect of shallow water tables and palms...

UK public perceptions around invasive species and biosecurity before and one year after undertaking e-Learning, 2015-2018

C.F. Shannon, P.D. Stebbing, C.H. Quinn, D.A. Warren & A.M. Dunn
This data contains the results of student and professional perceptions surveys conducted in the UK before and after e-Learning training, as part of a project to determine the effectiveness of e-Learning as a training tool. The dataset include two surveys; before and after e-Learning training. Students and professionals were given two separate surveys which were combined to create one dataset. The surveys were collected between September 2015 and July 2018. The objective of the survey...

Data from: Bayesian analyses in phylogenetic palaeontology: interpreting the posterior sample

Graeme Lloyd & April Wright
Establishing hypotheses of relationships is a critical prerequisite for any macroevolutionary analysis, but different approaches exist for achieving this goal. Amongst palaeontologists using morphological data the Bayesian approach is increasingly preferred over parsimony, but this shift also alters the way we think about samples of trees. Here we revisit stratigraphic congruence as a comparator between Bayesian and parsimony samples, but in a new visual context: treespace. Such spaces represent an ordination of unique topologies that...

Central broadcast quantum key distribution

Elizabeth Newton
This is the raw data obtained through the experiment described in the paper. There are two files, for two sets: one for coherent light, one for thermal light.

Yorkshire Derwent catchment sediment fingerprinting of instream sediment and catchment soils

J. Richardson
Sediment and soil samples were collected during a six-month project in 2018 looking at the sources of sediment within the River Derwent Catchment, Yorkshire, UK. The data shows the mineralogical composition of each sample site, processed using X-ray powder diffraction (XRD). The data has been used to understand where instream sediment in the River Derwent is coming from. This information can be used to inform catchment management.

GOLNY archive - The Cousin From Nowhere

Derek B. Scott
Scans of original score: The Cousin From Nowhere: A New Musical Comedy - Herman Haller & Rideamus This is part of an archive of German Operetta digitised as part of a project funded by an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. The originals are held in Special Collections at the University of Leeds (link pending) The full archive comprises 49 scores which can be accessed from the relevant link above ('GOLNY archive') or file...

Data associated with 'Synergistic Microgel-Reinforced Hydrogels as High-Performance Lubricants'

Jing Hu, Efren Andablo Reyes, Siavash Soltanahmadi & Anwesha Sarkar
Raw data for all figures in the associated paper 'Synergistic Microgel-Reinforced Hydrogels as High-Performance Lubricants''

Comparing Category and Typicality Judgements for Spatial Prepositions

Adam Richard-Bollans
Various accounts of cognition and semantic representations have highlighted that, for some concepts, different factors may influence category and typicality judgements. In particular, some features may be more salient in categorisation tasks while other features are more salient when assessing typicality. In experiment we explore the extent to which this is the case for the English spatial prepositions (`in', `inside', `on', `on top of', `over', `above', `under', `below' and `against'). We hypothesise that object-specific features...

Making the most of your pollinators: An epiphytic fig tree encourages its pollinators to roam between figs

Siti Khairiyah Mohd Hatta, Stephen Compton, Rupert Quinnell & Idris Abd Ghani
Ficus species are characterised by their unusual enclosed inflorescences (figs) and their relationship with obligate pollinator fig wasps (Agaonidae). Fig trees have a variety of growth forms, but true epiphytes are rare; one example is the Ficus deltoidea of South-east Asia. Presumably as an adaptation to epiphytism, inflorescence design in this species is exceptional, with very few flowers in female (seed-producing) figs and unusually large seeds. Figs on male (pollinator offspring-generating) trees have many more...

Data associated with'Surface adsorption and lubrication properties of plant and dairy proteins: A comparative study'

Morfo Zembyla, Evangelos Liamas, Efren Andablo Reyes, Kewei Gu, Emma Krop, Ben Kew & Anwesha Sarkar
Raw data for figures in the associated paper 'Surface adsorption and lubrication properties of plant and dairy proteins: A comparative study'

Dataset for 'Evaluation of microflow configurations for scale inhibition and serial X-ray diffraction analysis of crystallization processes'

Mark Levenstein, Yi-Yeoun Kim & Liam Hunter
This dataset contains measurements used in the paper, ‘Evaluation of microflow configurations for scale inhibition and serial X-ray diffraction analysis of crystallization processes' from the journal, Lab on a Chip (doi: 10.1039/D0LC00239A). Included are the raw X-ray diffraction patterns, optical micrographs and scanning electron micrographs that informed our evaluation of the various flow configurations employed in the study. Also included are Matlab scripts for processing X-ray diffraction data collected from both continuous and segmented flow...

Dataset to accompany 'Sputter-engineering a fi rst-order magnetic phase transition in sub-15-nm-thick single-crystal FeRh films'

Luis Benito, Laura Clark, Trevor Almeida, Thomas Moore, Damien McGrouther, Stephen McVitie & Christopher Marrows
Open data deposit to accompany the publication 'Sputter-engineering a fi rst-order magnetic phase transition in sub-15-nm-thick single-crystal FeRh films' in Physical Review Materials

Land Use Change and Grain Production, Hubei, China

Chengchao Zuo
Observed and modelled land use map, grain production statistics for Hubei province, China

Communications about uncertainty in scientific climate-related findings: A qualitative systematic review

Astrid Kause, Wändi BRUINE DE BRUIN, Samuel Domingos, Neha Mittal, Jason Lowe & Fung Fai
We undertake a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature to arrive at recommendations for shaping communications about uncertainty in scientific climate-related findings. Climate communications often report on scientific findings that contain different sources of uncertainty. Potential users of these communications are members of the general public, as well as decision makers and climate advisors from government, business and non-governmental institutions worldwide. Many of these users may lack formal training in climate science or related disciplines. This...

Dataset associated with “Nanoscale Substrate Roughness Hinders Domain Formation in Supported Lipid Bilayers”

James Goodchild, Danielle Walsh & Simon Connell
Supported Lipid Bilayers (SLBs) are model membranes formed at solid substrate surfaces. This architecture renders the membrane experimentally accessible to surface sensitive techniques used to study their properties, including Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), optical fluorescence microscopy, Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and X-Ray/Neutron Reflectometry, and allows integration with technology for potential biotechnological applications such as drug screening devices. The experimental technique often dictates substrate choice or treatment, and it is anecdotally recognised that certain substrates are...

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