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Freeze-dried therapeutic microbubbles: stability and gas exchange

Radwa Abou-Saleh, Aileen Delaney, Nicola Ingram, Benjamin Johnson, RICHARD BUSHBY, Sally Peyman, Louisa P. Colletta, Alexander Markham & Stephen Evans
Microbubbles (MBs) are widely used as contrast agents for ultrasound imaging and have been shown to enhance therapeutic delivery. However, they are only stable in solution for a few hours after production, which limits their potential application. Freeze-drying provides long term storage, ease of transport and consistency for therapeutic preparations thereby facilitating their use in clinical settings. The ability to freeze-dry therapeutic MBs is an important development in the translation of therapeutic MBs for clinical...

Mercury Exchange in Zeolites Na-A and Na-Y Studied by Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Ion Exchange Experiments - data

Carlos Hernandez Tamargo, Bright Kwakye-Awuah, Alexander J O'Malley & Nora H De Leeuw
The dataset is relevant to the investigation of the adsorption of Hg2+ in zeolites Na-A and Na-Y using molecular dynamics simulations. The data contains the details concerning the substitution of Na+ for Hg2+ at extra-framework positions, at different temperatures and under de-hydrated and hydrated conditions (120 water molecules per unit cell). It is also provided the mean-squared displacement (MSD) for the diffusion of water through the pore system of the zeolites, the hydration number of...

Second lockdown effects on crime less pronounced in England and Wales

Graham Farrell & Anthon Dixon
Dramatic changes in recorded crime rates early in the first national lockdown (March-June), were followed by crime types moved back towards, but often remaining far from, expected levels in summer 2020 (JulySeptember). Turning points in crime in August or September coincided with the reimposition of restrictions. The second national lockdown in England in November produced less pronounced overall effects than the first, but broadly in line with the predicted ‘w-model’ of repeated lockdowns. Charts show...

Data for Time-temperature superposition of the dissolution of silk fibres in the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate

Michael Ries
This study investigated the dissolution of silk multifilament fibres in the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate. The dissolution process was found to create a silk composite fibre, comprising undissolved silk multi-filaments surrounded by a coagulated silk matrix. The dissolution procedure was carried out for a range of temperatures and times. The resulting composite fibres were studied using a combination of optical microscopy, wide angle X-ray diffraction (XRD) and tensile testing. An azimuthal (alpha) XRD scan enabled...

Data to support study of The Number and Shape of Lattice Solvent Molecules Controls Spin-Crossover in an Isomorphous Series of Crystalline Solvate Salts

Malcolm Halcrow, Izar Capel Berdiell, Rafal Kulmaczewski, Namrah Shahid & Oscar Cespedes
Crystals of [FeL2][BF4]2·nMeCN (L = N-(2,6-di{pyrazol-1-yl}pyrid-4-yl)acetamide; n = 1 or 2), [FeL2][ClO4]2·MeCN and [FeL2]X2·EtCN (X = BF4 or ClO4) are all isomorphous but exhibit a variety of spin state behaviours.

Supporting data for “The role of membrane destabilisation and protein dynamics in BAM catalysed OMP folding”

Paul White, Samuel Haysom, Matthew Iadanza, Anna Higgins, Jonathan Machin, James Whitehouse, Charlotte Carpenter-Platt, Jim Horne, David Brockwell, Neil Ranson & Sheena Radford
The folding of β-barrel outer membrane proteins (OMPs) in Gram-negative bacteria is catalysed by the β-barrel assembly machinery (BAM). How lateral opening in the BamA β-barrel, the core component of BAM, catalyses OMP folding remains unclear, with asymmetry in the depth of BamA potentially playing a role by disrupting membrane stability. Here, we use an anti-BamA monoclonal antibody fragment (Fab1) and two disulphide-crosslinked BAM variants (lid-locked (LL), and POTRA-5-locked (P5L)) to dissect these roles. Despite...

Data to support study of Iron/2,6-Di(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine Derivatives with a Discotic Pattern of Alkyl or Alkynyl Substituents

Malcolm Halcrow, Izar Capel Berdiell, Rafal Kulmaczewski & Oscar Cespedes

Proximity to forest mediates trade-offs between yields and biodiversity of birds in oil palm smallholdings

Keith C Hamer, Michael A Sasu, Linda Ofosuhene, Rebecca Asare, Benjamin Ossom, Catherine L Parr, Sarah A Scriven, Winston Asante, Rosemary Addico & Jane K Hill
There is much debate about how best to mitigate the effects of agricultural expansion on biodiversity, especially in the tropics. Recent studies have emphasised that proximity to natural habitats can enhance farmland biodiversity, yet few studies have examined whether or not such proximity mediates local trade-offs between yields and biodiversity, and hence alters conclusions about the ecological benefits of alternative farming strategies. Here we examine yield-biodiversity trade-offs, focusing on birds in oil palm smallholdings at...

Testing the effectiveness of the Forest Integrity Assessment: A field-based tool for estimating the condition of tropical forest

Andrew Suggitt, Kok Yeong, Anders Lindhe, Agnes Agama, Keith Hamer, Glen Reynolds, Jane Hill & Jennifer Lucey
1. Global targets to halt biodiversity losses and mitigate climate change will require protecting rainforest beyond current protected area networks, necessitating responsible forest stewardship from a diverse range of companies, communities and private individuals. Robust assessments of forest condition are critical for successful forest management, but many existing techniques are highly technical, time-consuming, expensive, or require specialist knowledge. 2. To make assessment of tropical forests accessible to a wide range of actors, many of whom...

The mechanism and role of hydrogen in the functionalisation of carboxylic acid-protected cobalt nanoparticles - data

Barbara Farkas, Umberto Terranova & Nora H De Leeuw
High magnetic saturation of cobalt nanoparticles has attracted significant interest towards their implementation as heat-generating agents in hyperthermia treatments. Still, considerable challenges exist in adapting these metallic particles into pragmatic, functional biomaterials. Carboxylic acid coatings have been shown as an attractive functionalisation option owing to their respectable stability and biocompatibility, however, only limited information is available on the molecular mechanism leading to their formation on cobalt nanoparticles. First principles-based theoretical methods are utilised to identify...

Large herbivores suppress liana infestation in an African savanna

Tyler C. Coverdale, Ryan D. O'Connell, Matthew C. Hutchinson, Amanda Savagian, Tyler R. Kartzinel, Todd M. Palmer, Jacob R. Goheen, David J. Augustine, Mahesh Sankaran, Corina E. Tarnita & Robert M. Pringle
African savannas are the last stronghold of diverse large-mammal communities, and a major focus of savanna ecology is to understand how these animals affect the relative abundance of trees and grasses. However, savannas support diverse plant life-forms, and human-induced changes in large-herbivore assemblages—declining wildlife populations and their displacement by livestock—may cause unexpected shifts in plant community composition. We investigated how herbivory affects the prevalence of lianas (woody vines) and their impact on trees in an...

Effect of coverage on the magnetic properties of -COOH,-SH, and -NH2 ligand-protected cobalt nanoparticles - data

Barbara Farkas & Nora H De Leeuw
Functionalisation of nanoparticles is important for their use in biomedical applications, however, it can often lead to the ligand-mediated reduction of magnetic properties, and it is therefore important to distinguish between the ligands which improve desired performance, and those that reduce it. The functionalisation-induced changes in magnetisation depend on the functional group, surface arrangement, and coverage density of the chosen ligand, and have been predicted by density functional theory (DFT) calculations for -COOH,-SH, and -NH2...

Behaviour of S, SO and SO3 on Pt (001), (011) and (111) surfaces: A DFT Study - data

Marietjie J Ungerer, Cornelia G C E Van Sittert & Nora H De Leeuw
Density functional theory (DFT) calculations were uasd with long-range dispersion corrections to study the interaction of S, SO and SO3 with Pt (001), (011), and (111) surfaces. Platinum is a noble metal that is widely used for the electro-catalytic production of H2, in the Hybrid Sulphur (HyS) cycle. However, during this cycle sulphur poisoning occurs and the process is not yet fully understood. The work involved studying the surface energies of the mayor Pt surfaces...

Data associated with 'Upland grassland management influences organo-mineral soil properties and their hydrological function'

Stephanie Bond, Mike Kirkby & Joseph Holden
Land-use change acts as a potential moderator of flood risk, affecting vegetation and soil properties, and thus influencing the storage and flow of water across landscapes. This study, conducted in northwest England, investigated physical soil properties

A qualitative study of sedentary behaviours in stroke survivors: non-participant observations and interviews with stroke service staff in stroke units and community services

Sarah Morton, Jennifer Hall, Claire Fitzsimons, Jessica Hall, Coralie English, Anne Forster, Rebecca Lawton, Anita Patel, Gillian Mead, David J. & Clarke
Sedentary behaviour (SB) is associated with negative health outcomes and is prevalent post-stroke. This study explored SB after stroke from the perspective of stroke service staff. Qualitative mixed-methods study. Non-participant observations in two stroke services (England/Scotland) and semi-structured interviews with staff underpinned by the COM-B model of behaviour change. Observations were analysed thematically; interviews were analysed using the Framework approach. One hundred and thirty-two observation hours (October - December 2017), and 31 staff interviewed (January...

Consumer Healthy Eating and Wellbeing (CHEW) datasets

Peter Ho
There is an increasing concern about population health in the UK, as numbers of overweight and obese adults and children rise each year. The health risks associated with being overweight and obese is well documented. A healthy diet and exercise are considered ways to reduce the prevalence of obesity. Improving our lifestyle habits, which include a healthy diet, is becoming increasingly difficult as we move further towards a culture of convenience. The Consumer healthy eating...

Prognostic and immunological significance of metastasis associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1 among different kinds of cancers

Lili Guo, Xiuwen Zhang, Hongli Pan, Yang Li, Jing Wang, Lin Li, Yafang Dong, Xinxin Du, Jun Chen & Fengjie Guo
LncRNAs belong to the type of noncoding RNA transcripts, which exceed 200 nucleotides in size. MALAT1 as one of the earlier identified lncRNAs in cancer is investigated by more and more scientific researchers. Expression, clinical significance and function of MALAT1 in pan-cancer exist as big difference. To detect the expression and clinical significance of MALAT1 gene precisely and comprehensively among different kinds of cancers, some classical databases such as GEPIA, TIMER, KM Plotter, and PrognoScan...

Research data supporting the publication \"Extreme flood disturbance effects on multiple dimensions of river ecosystem stability\"

Alexander Milner & Lawrence Eagle
Macroinvertebrates using 10 reps of a Surber sampler 0.1 m2 The following people helped with collecting samples; Leonie Clitherow, Mike McDermott, Jess Picken, Anne Robertson, Svein Sonderland and Amanda Veal,

Leeds Manipulation Dataset (LMD)

Leo Pauly, David Hogg & Raul Fuentes
The Leeds Manipulation Dataset (LMD) consists of videos of three different manipulation tasks: reach, push and reach-push. The task videos are collected by using tools resembling robotic manipulators/end effectors directly with a human hand. Each class consists of 17 videos with variations in viewpoint, object properties, scene background and morphology of manipulator within each class.

Supporting datasets for 'Accelerated mass loss of Himalayan glaciers since the Little Ice Age'.

Jonathan Carrivick
Vector and raster files on glaciers across the Himalaya during the Little Ice Age

Dataset associated with \"Tuneable Terahertz Band-Stop Filter using Strongly Coupled Split Ring Resonators Integrated with On-Chip Waveguide\"

SaeJune Park, John Cunningham & Rowan Parker-Jervis
The results on 'Tuneable Terahertz Band-Stop Filter using Strongly Coupled Split Ring Resonators Integrated with On-Chip Waveguide'.

Data and script for: The patterns and modes of the evolution of disparity in Mesozoic Birds

Min Wang, Graeme Lloyd, Chi Zhang & Zhonghe Zhou
The origin of birds from non-avian theropod dinosaurs is one of the greatest transitions in evolution. Shortly after diverging from other theropods in the Late Jurassic, Mesozoic birds diversified into two major clades—the Enantiornithes and Ornithuromorpha—acquiring many features previously considered unique to the crown groups along the way. Here we present a comparative phylogenetic study of the patterns and modes of Mesozoic bird skeletal morphology and limb proportions. Our results show that the major Mesozoic...

Datasets for Energy efficiency and economy-wide rebound effects: a review of the evidence and its implications. University of Leeds. [Dataset].

Paul Brockway, Gregor Semieniuk & Emmanuel Aramendia
This data repository contains one excel data file, which in turn collects the following data sheets used in the RSER paper: Brockway P. E., Sorrell S.R., Semieniuk G., Heun M.K., Court V. (2021) Energy efficiency and economy-wide rebound effects: a review of the evidence and its implications. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rser.2021.110781 • sheet 1 Final energy Fig 1+2 - Contains the data and plots for Figures 1 + 2 (Final energy)...

Dataset associated with 'Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode'

Mark Holden, James M. Campbell, Fiona Meldrum, Benjamin Murray & Hugo Christenson
This is the data for 'Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode', where we investigate ice nucleation active sites on feldspar surfaces in both immerison and deposition modes. The data contained in this repository consists of the ice nucleation experimental data used to construct the figures in the main text and supplementary materials.

A global horizon scan of the future impacts of robotics and autonomous systems on urban ecosystems

Mark Goddard & Martin Dallimer
Data from an online horizon scan involving 170 expert participants from 35 countries considering the opportunities and challenges associated with RAS for urban ecosystems.

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