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A Novel Computer-Controlled Maskless Fabrication Process for Pneumatic Soft Actuators

Luke Tinsley & Russell Harris
This dataset includes the raw data that is presented in the published paper "A Novel Computer-Controlled Maskless Fabrication Process for Pneumatic Soft Actuators". It encompasses all the unprocessed measurement data collected for treatment resolution, optical emission spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectric spectroscopy.

Numerical model output data on the interaction of flow with a permeable bed and biofilms

G. H. Sambrook Smith, R. J. Hardy & S. Sinha
The data contains numerical model simulations designed to assess the influence of a) a permeable bed on flow structures above and within the pore spaces of a bed and b) a biofilm streamer on the free flow structure. For the former the data relates to a novel Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model that is able to simulate flow both in the boundary layer flow and Brinkman layer. This allows simultaneous predictions of surface and subsurface...

X-ray diffraction patterns for water ice at low pressures between 88-145 K - dataset

Thomas Mangan, John Plane & Benjamin Murray
This dataset comprises experimental X-ray diffraction patterns of water ice of structure ice I deposited on a substrate within a vacuum chamber at pressures of 20 mbar and below at temperatures ranging from 88 – 145 K. The diffraction patterns are displayed as a function of 2Theta in degrees and sorted by the figures they appear in the associated journal article “The phase of water ice which forms in cold clouds in the mesospheres of...

Water-level and rainfall data of Sebangau Tropical Peatland, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Santosa Sandy Putra, Joseph Holden & Andy Baird
The water level and rainfall data were collected from three different sites in Sebangau Tropical Peatland, Kalimantan, Indonesia. The sites were forested peatland (Forested), drained peatland with ditch dam (Blocked), and drained peatland without dam (Drained). Hydrological monitoring was conducted at the three tropical peatland sites over a 6-month period between 22nd of August 2019 and 17th January 2020. There is an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) installed to capture meteorological condition in Drained and Blocked....

Data associated with “An experimental simulation model to assess wear of the porcine patellofemoral joint”

Raelene Cowie & Louise Jennings
The dataset contains material to supplement the paper “An experimental simulation model to assess wear of the porcine patellofemoral joint” including: ICRS cartilage score of the patella and femur after 3 hours wear simulation, the wear volume, deformation and damage of the cartilage on the femoral trochlear after 3 hours wear simulation, the protrusion of the pin/osteochondral graft from the cartilage surface pre- and post-test and height maps showing the position of the osteochondral grafts...

Consumer Healthy Eating 2021 dataset

Peter Ho & Lauryn Beggs
This dataset contains data on perceived compliance to the UK Eatwell guide (19 items) from a survey in 2021 of UK consumers (n=415). Additional scales for eating healthy foods were from Norman et al. 2010 (https://doi.org/10.1186/1479-5868-7-56), which include Change strategies (15 items), Enjoyment (7 items) and Environment (4 items). Demographic data (Type of Diet, Ethnicity, Gender and Age).

Data associated with 'Time-resolved visualization of the magnetization canting induced by field-like spin-orbit torques'

Simone Finizio, Sebastian Wintz, Sina Mayr, Alexandra Huxtable, Manuel Langer, Joe Bailey, Gavin Burnell, Christopher Marrows & Joerg Raabe
Data supporting the findings of the study 'Time-resolved visualization of the magnetization canting induced by field-like spin-orbit torques'. The data are scanning x-ray transmission micrographs. The file metadata.txt describes the contents and is contained in the zip file.

Mineral and biological ice-nucleating particles above the South East of the British Isles

Alberto Sanchez-Marroquin, Jonathan West, Ian Burke, Jim McQuaid & Benjamin Murray
Dataset associated to the publication: https://doi.org/10.1039/D1EA00003A. It contains the location, INP concentration, chemical composition, ice-nucleating density of active sites and bioaerosol concentrations of the samples used in this publication.

DOC nutrient addition experiments

Catherine Moody & Fred Worrall
Peatlands are typically rich in labile dissolved and particulate organic matter (DOM and POM) but poor in nutrients; as these peatland waters flow through a catchment they mix with more nutrient-rich but organic matter (OM) poor waters. These new sources of nutrients may lead to increased OM degradation, driving further release of CO2 to the atmosphere. The aim of this study was to discover if the addition of nutrients changed the rates of peat-derived dissolved...

A qualitative study of sedentary behaviours in stroke survivors: non-participant observations and interviews with stroke service staff in stroke units and community services

Sarah Morton, Jennifer Hall, Claire Fitzsimons, Jessica Hall, Coralie English, Anne Forster, Rebecca Lawton, Anita Patel, Gillian Mead & David J. Clarke
Sedentary behaviour (SB) is associated with negative health outcomes and is prevalent post-stroke. This study explored SB after stroke from the perspective of stroke service staff. Qualitative mixed-methods study. Non-participant observations in two stroke services (England/Scotland) and semi-structured interviews with staff underpinned by the COM-B model of behaviour change. Observations were analysed thematically; interviews were analysed using the Framework approach. One hundred and thirty-two observation hours (October - December 2017), and 31 staff interviewed (January...

Data set for ice nucleation by viruses and their potential for cloud glaciation

Michael Adams, Nina Atanasova, Svetlana Sofieva, Janne Ravantti, Aino Heikkinen, Zoé Brasseur, Jonathan Duplissy, Dennis Bamford & Benjamin Murray
In order to effectively predict the formation of ice in clouds we need to know which subsets of aerosol particles are effective at nucleating ice, how they are distributed and where they are from. A large proportion of ice-nucleating particles (INPs) in many locations are likely of biological origin, and some INPs are extremely small being just tens of nanometers in size. The identity and sources of such INPs are not well characterized. Here, we...

Ginger pasta satiety - raw data

Mengyao Wu, Hanis Gani, Wasan Marafie, Sara Viney, Peter Ho & Caroline Orfila
Ginger is attributed with beneficial bioactivities including appetite suppression. We wanted to test the hypothesis that enriching wheat pasta with ginger powder would lead to sensory-associated satiety in humans.Ten healthy subjects consumed two samples of equal weight: control and ginger-enriched pasta (3%), on two occasions. Subjective feelings of satiety were assessed pre-consumption, immediately after and for 2 h post-consumption using a 7-point intensity scale. Results show that the ginger pasta sample had a similar satiety...

Displaced thermal state QKD simulation data set: Mutual information changes with loss

Adam Walton, Adam Walton, David Jennings & Benjamin Varcoe
Simulation results showing the effects of loss on mutual information measurements in a thermal QKD protocol.

Retention fraction of 15N-labelled deposited ammonium and nitrate in forests

Geshere Abdisa Gurmesa, Ang Wang, Shanlong Li, Shushi Peng, Wim De Vries, Per Gundersen, Philippe Ciais, Oliver L Phillips, Erik Hobbie, Weixing Zhu, Knute Nadelhoffer, Yi Xi, Edith Bai, Tao Sun, Dexiang Chen, Wenjun Zhou, Yiping Zhang, Yingrong Guo, Jiaojun Zhu, Lei Duan, Dejun Li, Keisuke Koba, Enzai Du, Guoyi Zhou, Xingguo Han … & Yunting Fang
The impacts of enhanced nitrogen (N) deposition on global forest carbon (C) sink and other ecosystem services may depend on whether N is deposited in reduced (mainly as ammonium) or oxidized forms (mainly as nitrate) and the subsequent fate of each. However, the fates of the two key reactive N forms and its contribution to forest C sink is unclear. We conducted ecosystem-scale paired 15N-labelling experiments in nine forests across China to quantify N retention...

Expanding the agricultural - sanitation circular economy: opportunities and benefits

Steven Banwart, Laura Carter, Tim Daniell, Yong-Guan Zhu, Hongyan Guo, Jeremy Guest, Stuart Kirk, Barbara Evans, Patrick McKenna & Sarah Dennis
An expanded circular economy between agriculture and sanitation waste (sewage) can recycle essential resources for agriculture through the recovery of water, biomass, and nutrients from sewage at scale. Doing so can help to increase or maintain soil productivity and support agricultural outputs; produce heat and power; reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions; and minimise stresses on water reserves.

Dataset associated with 'Biomimetic curvature and tension-driven membrane fusion by silica nanoparticles’

Marcos Arribas Perez
Experimental data obtained from FRET spectroscopy and confocal microscopy imaging of lipid vesicles interacting with silica nanoparticles. Experimental set up and data processing and analysis described in the publication in Langmuir. Confocal microscopy movies of giant unilamellar vesicles undergoing fusion upon interaction with silica nanoparticles.

Biological, mechanical and structural data associated with the decellularisation of human bone tibial plateau and femoral head trabecular bone

Halina Norbertczak
Supplementary data associated with the research paper: Decellularised human bone allograft from different anatomical sites as a basis for functionally stratified repair material for bone defects. Dataset comprised of histological images, DNA assay, biomechanical and structural data for human trabecular bone from the tibial plateau and femoral head. Data provided for cellular and decellularised samples.

Nepal Stressor Interaction Model (Nepal SIM)

Nicholas Roxburgh, Lindsay Stringer, Andrew Evans, Raj K. GC, Nick Malleson & Heppenstall Alison
"A detail-rich, ethnographically informed agent-based model of a Nepalese smallholder village that was originally created for the purpose of studying the impact of multiple stressors on mountain communities, but which can potentially be adapted to serve other purposes. The model was created in NetLogo 5.0.5 but additionally calls on R scripts and .CSV inputs that are included in the package. Example R scripts for conducting analysis of model outputs are also included, along with example...

Dataset associated with 'Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode'

Mark Holden, James M. Campbell, Fiona Meldrum, Benjamin Murray & Hugo Christenson
This is the data for 'Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode', where we investigate ice nucleation active sites on feldspar surfaces in both immerison and deposition modes. The data contained in this repository consists of the ice nucleation experimental data used to construct the figures in the main text and supplementary materials.

Data from: Socio-ecological conditions and female infidelity in the Seychelles warbler

Sara Raj Pant, Jan Komdeur, Terry A. Burke, Hannah L. Dugdale & David S. Richardson
Within socially monogamous breeding systems, levels of extra-pair paternity can vary not only between species, populations and individuals, but also across time. Uncovering how different extrinsic conditions (ecological, demographic and social) influence this behavior will help shed light on the factors driving its evolution. Here, we simultaneously address multiple socio-ecological conditions potentially influencing female infidelity in a natural population of the cooperatively breeding Seychelles warbler, Acrocephalus sechellensis. Our contained study population has been monitored for...

Datasets for Energy efficiency and economy-wide rebound effects: a review of the evidence and its implications. University of Leeds. [Dataset].

Paul Brockway, Gregor Semieniuk & Emmanuel Aramendia
This data repository contains one excel data file, which in turn collects the following data sheets used in the RSER paper: Brockway P. E., Sorrell S.R., Semieniuk G., Heun M.K., Court V. (2021) Energy efficiency and economy-wide rebound effects: a review of the evidence and its implications. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rser.2021.110781 • sheet 1 Final energy Fig 1+2 - Contains the data and plots for Figures 1 + 2 (Final energy)...

Quasielastic Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on the Molecular Behaviour of Catechol in Zeolite Beta - data

Carlos Hernandez-Tamargo, Ian P Silverwood, Alexander J O'Malley & Nora H de LeeuW
The dynamics of catechol in zeolite Beta was studied using quesielastic neutron scattering (QENS) experiments and molecular dynamics simulations at 393 K, to understand the behaviour of phenolic monomers relevant in the catalytic conversion of lignin via metal nanoparticles supported on zeolites. Compared to previous work studying phenol, both methods observe that the presence of the second OH group in catechol can hinder mobility significantly, as explained by stronger hydrogen-bonding interactions between catechol and the...

Dataset associated with \"All-electronic phase-resolved THz microscopy using the self-mixing effect in a semiconductor laser\"

Pierluigi Rubino, James Keeley, Nikollao Sulollari, Andrew D Burnett, , Alexander Valavanis, Imon Kundu, Mark C. Rosamond, Lianhe Li, Edmund Linfield, Alexander Davies, John Cunningham & Paul Dean
This dataset relates to data presented in the work, "All-electronic phase-resolved THz microscopy using the self-mixing effect in a semiconductor laser". In this work we report all-electronic coherent scattering-type scanning near-field microscopy (s-SNOM) using a terahertz-frequency quantum cascade laser. By exploiting the coherent self-mixing effect in these lasers, in conjunction with electronic frequency tuning of the laser, we demonstrate spatial mapping of both the amplitude and phase of the scattered field with deeply sub-wavelength resolution....

Data associated with \"Phase domain boundary motion and memristance in gradient-doped FeRh nanopillars induced by spin injection\"

Rowan Temple, Mark C. Rosamond, Jamie Massey, Trevor Almeida, Edmund Linfield, Damien McGrouther, Stephen McVitie, Thomas Moore & Christopher Marrows
The B2-ordered alloy FeRh shows a metamagnetic phase transition, transforming from antiferromagnetic (AF) to ferromagnetic (FM) order at a temperature $T_\mathrm{t} \sim 380 $~K in bulk. As well as temperature, the phase transition can be triggered by many means such as strain, chemical doping, or magnetic or electric fields. Its first-order nature means that phase coexistence is possible. Here we show that a phase boundary in a 300~nm diameter nanopillar, controlled by a doping gradient...

Data associated with 'Structure and sedimentation characterisation of sheared Mg(OH)2 suspensions flocculated with anionic polymers'

Alexander Lockwood
In this study, magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) suspensions were flocculated using two polyacrylamide-poly(acrylic acid) copolymers with charge densities of 30% or 40%. Structural characteristics, including particle size distribution, shape and fractal dimension of the resultant flocs were investigated using complementary techniques; static light scattering, focused beam reflectance measurement, automated optical microscopy and cryogenic scanning electron microscopy. Sedimentation rates were analysed for 2.5 vol.% dispersions at various polymer concentrations and compared to predictions from a fractal modified...

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