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Displaced thermal state QKD simulation data set: Mutual information changes with loss

Adam Walton, Adam Walton, David Jennings & Benjamin Varcoe
Simulation results showing the effects of loss on mutual information measurements in a thermal QKD protocol.

Retention fraction of 15N-labelled deposited ammonium and nitrate in forests

Geshere Abdisa Gurmesa, Ang Wang, Shanlong Li, Shushi Peng, Wim De Vries, Per Gundersen, Philippe Ciais, Oliver L Phillips, Erik Hobbie, Weixing Zhu, Knute Nadelhoffer, Yi Xi, Edith Bai, Tao Sun, Dexiang Chen, Wenjun Zhou, Yiping Zhang, Yingrong Guo, Jiaojun Zhu, Lei Duan, Dejun Li, Keisuke Koba, Enzai Du, Guoyi Zhou, Xingguo Han … & Yunting Fang
The impacts of enhanced nitrogen (N) deposition on global forest carbon (C) sink and other ecosystem services may depend on whether N is deposited in reduced (mainly as ammonium) or oxidized forms (mainly as nitrate) and the subsequent fate of each. However, the fates of the two key reactive N forms and its contribution to forest C sink is unclear. We conducted ecosystem-scale paired 15N-labelling experiments in nine forests across China to quantify N retention...

Expanding the agricultural - sanitation circular economy: opportunities and benefits

Steven Banwart, Laura Carter, Tim Daniell, Yong-Guan Zhu, Hongyan Guo, Jeremy Guest, Stuart Kirk, Barbara Evans, Patrick McKenna & Sarah Dennis
An expanded circular economy between agriculture and sanitation waste (sewage) can recycle essential resources for agriculture through the recovery of water, biomass, and nutrients from sewage at scale. Doing so can help to increase or maintain soil productivity and support agricultural outputs; produce heat and power; reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions; and minimise stresses on water reserves.

Dataset associated with 'Biomimetic curvature and tension-driven membrane fusion by silica nanoparticles’

Marcos Arribas Perez
Experimental data obtained from FRET spectroscopy and confocal microscopy imaging of lipid vesicles interacting with silica nanoparticles. Experimental set up and data processing and analysis described in the publication in Langmuir. Confocal microscopy movies of giant unilamellar vesicles undergoing fusion upon interaction with silica nanoparticles.

Biological, mechanical and structural data associated with the decellularisation of human bone tibial plateau and femoral head trabecular bone

Halina Norbertczak
Supplementary data associated with the research paper: Decellularised human bone allograft from different anatomical sites as a basis for functionally stratified repair material for bone defects. Dataset comprised of histological images, DNA assay, biomechanical and structural data for human trabecular bone from the tibial plateau and femoral head. Data provided for cellular and decellularised samples.

Data on spin-singlet to triplet Cooper pair converter interface

Matthew Rogers, A. Walton, Machiel Geert Flokstra, R. Stewart, Stephen Lee, Thomas Prokscha, A.J. Caruana, C.J. Kinane, Sean Langridge, Fatma Al Ma'Mari, H. Bradshaw, Timothy Moorsom, M. Ali, Gavin Burnell, B J Hickey & Oscar Cespedes
This dataset contains the measurements reported in the manuscript "Spin-singlet to triplet Cooper pair converter interface". In this study, we fuse magnetism and superconductivity in a system where spin-ordering and diffusion of Cooper pairs are achieved at a non-intrinsically magnetic nor superconducting Cu/C60 interface. Electron transport, magnetometry and low-energy muon spin rotation are used to probe time-reversal symmetry breaking in these structures.

Helpers compensate for age-related declines in parental care and offspring survival in a cooperatively breeding bird

Martijn Hammers, Sjouke Kingma, Lotte Van Boheemen, Alexandra Sparks, Terry Burke, Hannah Dugdale, David Richardson & Jan Komdeur
Offspring from elderly parents often have lower survival due to parental senescence. In cooperatively breeding species, where offspring care is shared between breeders and helpers, the alloparental care provided by helpers is predicted to mitigate the impact of parental senescence on offspring provisioning and, subsequently, offspring survival. We test this prediction using data from a long-term study on cooperatively breeding Seychelles warblers (Acrocephalus sechellensis). We find that the nestling-provisioning rate of female breeders declines with...

Data from: Telomere heritability and parental age at conception effects in a wild avian population

Alexandra Sparks, Lewis Spurgin, Marco Van Der Velde, Eleanor Fairfield, Jan Komdeur, Terry Burke, David Richardson & Hannah Dugdale
Individual variation in telomere length is predictive of health and mortality risk across a range of species. However, the relative influence of environmental and genetic variation on individual telomere length in wild populations remains poorly understood. Heritability of telomere length has primarily been calculated using parent–offspring regression which can be confounded by shared environments. To control for confounding variables, quantitative genetic ‘animal models’ can be used, but few studies have applied animal models in wild...

Dataset for the study of “Model Lipid Membranes Assembled from Natural Plant Thylakoids into 2D Microarray Patterns as a Platform to Assess the Organization and Photophysics of Light‐Harvesting Proteins”

Sophie Meredith, Takuro Yoneda, Ashley Hancock, Simon Connell, Stephen Evans, Kenichi Morigaki & Peter Adams
This dataset shows the raw data, analysed data and documentation related to figures and tables from the study "Model Lipid Membranes Assembled from Natural Plant Thylakoids into 2D Microarray Patterns as a Platform to Assess the Organization and Photophysics of Light‐Harvesting Proteins". This includes: absorbance and fluorescence spectra; images from Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM); images from Atomic Force Microscopy measurements; epifluorescence measurements; analysis of fluorescence data (FLIM); other graphical analyses; tabulated numerical data.

Woodland structural data derived from LiDAR for the year 2011 in the Isle of Wight

S. Hughes
This dataset contains height, foliage height diversity, mean crown area, tree count, bedrock, elevation, age, aspect and slope data for woodlands under 1ha in size that were also covered by Defra’s LiDAR survey in the year 2011 in the Isle of Wight. These data were collected to see if the presence of an adjacent older neighbour affects woodland structure and height in recently created woodlands. Data was processed by the author under NERC Grant NE/S007458/1...

Data for \"Homogeneous freezing of water using microfluidics\"

Mark Tarn, Sebastien Sikora, Grace Porter, Jung-uk Shim & Benjamin Murray
The homogeneous freezing of water is important in the formation of ice in clouds, but there remains a great deal of variability in the representation of the homogeneous freezing of water in the literature. The development of new instrumentation, such as droplet microfluidic platforms, may help to constrain our understanding of the kinetics of homogeneous freezing via the analysis of monodisperse, size-selected water droplets in temporally and spatially controlled environments. Here, we evaluate droplet freezing...

Data summary of 34 meander-belt cases simulated by PB-SAND model

Na Yan, Luca Colombera & Nigel Mountney
Data summary of 34 meander-belt cases simulated by PB-SAND model, including preservation ratio for different architectural hierarchies (accretion package pairs, accretion stages and meander belts), their accumulation time, accretion rate, and platform characteristics (apex rotation, channel sinuosity, and migration angle).

River Flood Susceptibility Map

Mark Bernhofen, Mark Trigg, Andrew Sleigh, Christopher Sampson & Andrew Smith
This dataset contains the River Flood Susceptibility Map (RFSM) for 8 different level 1 drainage basins with global coverage. There are two RFSM datasets for each drainage basin. A RFSM of the upstream accumulating area of the flooded river (in km2) and a RFSM of the Strahler stream order of the flooded river. The datasets are in GeoTIFF raster format at a resolution of 1/1200 decimal degrees (~90 m at the equator). Each of the...

Supplementary Data - Statistical emulation of winter ambient fine particulate matter concentrations from emission changes in China

Luke Conibear, Carly Reddington, Ben Silver, YING CHEN, Christoph Knote, Steve Arnold & Dominick Spracklen
The trained emulators per grid cell in China that predict ambient fine particulate matter concentrations from emission changes in five anthropogenic sectors.

Data associated with 'Oral tribology, adsorption and rheology of alternative food proteins'

Ben Kew, Mel Holmes, Markus Stieger & Anwesha Sarkar
Raw data for all figures in the associated paper 'Oral tribology, adsorption and rheology of alternative food proteins'

Supplementary Data - Air Pollution from Forest and Vegetation Fires in Southeast Asia Disproportionately Impacts the Poor

Carly Reddington & Luke Conibear
Estimates of the impacts of air pollution from vegetation and forest fires on public health in Southeast Asia. The data file contains disease burden estimates (number of premature deaths and disability–adjusted life years) from long-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentrations and ambient ozone (O3) concentrations simulated by the WRF-Chem air quality model for each country in Southeast Asia. Results are shown for three model simulations (one simulation with all pollution sources included...

Data associated with the paper \"Particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in colliding-wind binary systems\" to be published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Julian Pittard, Gustavo E Romero & Gabriela S Vila
The data is associated with a paper to be published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The paper abstract is: "We present a model for the creation of non-thermal particles via diffusive shock acceleration in a colliding-wind binary. Our model accounts for the oblique nature of the global shocks bounding the wind-wind collision region and the finite velocity of the scattering centres to the gas. It also includes magnetic field amplification by the...

Data to support study of The Effect of Tether Groups on the Spin States of Iron(II)/Bis[2,6-Di(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine] Complexes

Malcolm Halcrow, Izar Capel Berdiell, Victor García-López, Mark Howard & Miguel Clemente-León
The spin states of iron(II) complexes of 1-bpp derivatives bearing tether group substituents are controlled by the electronic properties of the linker functional group.

Supplementary Data for: Large air quality and public health impacts due to Amazonian deforestation fires in 2019

Edward Butt, Luke Conibear, Christoph Knote & Dominick Spracklen

Consumer Healthy Eating 2019 dataset

Peter Ho & Georgina Ledger
This dataset contains data on perceived compliance to the UK Eatwell guide (15 items) and food consumption (11 items) from a survey in 2019 of UK consumers (n=301) . Demographic data (Type of Diet, Ethnicity, Gender and Age) and exercise duration were also collected.

Varied oxygen simulations with WACCM6 (Proterozoic to pre-industrial atmosphere)

Gregory Cooke, Daniel Marsh, Catherine Walsh, Benjamin Black & Jean-François Lamarque
The history of molecular oxygen (O2) in Earth’s atmosphere is still debated; however, geological evidence supports at least two major episodes where O2 increased by an order of magnitude or more: the Great Oxidation Event (GOE) and the Neoproterozoic Oxidation Event. O2 concentrations have likely fluctuated (between 10−3 and 1.5 times the present atmospheric level) since the GOE ∼ 2.4 Gyr ago, resulting in a time-varying ozone (O3) layer. Using a three-dimensional (3D) chemistry climate...

Conversation Analytic Role-play Method in Antenatal Screening Conversations (The Convene Study) - Antenatal appointment transcripts

Jayne Wagstaff, Magnus Hamann, Louise Bryant, Shenaz Ahmed & Elizabeth Stokoe

Dataset associated with the paper \"How to inflate a wind-blown bubble\"

Julian Pittard
This dataset contains theoretical data described in the journal paper "How to inflate a wind-blown bubble" http://doi.org/10.1093/mnras/stab2712. The data is organized into 2 zip files: 1. data.zip - contains 10 directories containing data from the main simulations presented in the paper. Each directory contains a set of ASCII data files containing details on the fluid variables, as well as 2 ASCII data files which log the evolution of particular properties of the wind-blown bubble. It...

Determinants of Household Food Waste in the UK

Gulbanu Kaptan, Kerrie Unsworth, Sally Russell, Tom Quested, Aggelina Dorizo & Christian Bretter
This dataset contains data collected from a two-wave survey in the UK. Apart from demographical information, it contains the anonymised responses to various psychological constructs such as values or goals. It also contains a self-reported estimate of individual food waste (one for wave 1 and one for wave 2) and information on participants' food management behaviours.

Data associated with “Third Body Damage and Wear in Arthroplasty Bearing Materials: A Review of Laboratory Methods”

Raelene Cowie & Louise Jennings
The dataset contains material to supplement the review paper “Third Body Damage and Wear in Arthroplasty Bearing Materials: A Review of Laboratory Methods” including: tables summarising papers and abstracts reviewed in the article and data relating to figures for the methods used for simulating third body wear, the types of third body particles used and the particle diameter.

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