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Dataset to accompany \"Shocking interactions of supernova remnants with atomic and molecular clouds - the interplay between shocks, thermal instability and gravity in the large cloud regime\"

Marcin Kupilas, Julian Pittard, Christopher Wareing & Sam Falle
This is the dataset to accompany the publication titled "Shocking interactions of supernova remnants with atomic and molecular clouds - the interplay between shocks, thermal instability and gravity in the large cloud regime". The data is given for each figure and each panel


, &
~40 short period sensors targeting the Murray Basin in SW Australia. Part of the MALT experiment, a trio of one year temporary networks.

The impact of semi-natural woodland and pasture on soil properties and streamflow - dataset.

Felicity Monger, Dominick Spracklen, Mike Kirkby & Lee Schofield
Data from streamflow and soil investigations at RSPB Haweswater, Lake District, UK. Data consists of streamflow, rainfall and soil properties; soil moisture, topsoil permeability, subsoil permeability and bulk density. Data collected in 2018-2020.

Dataset associated with \"Volcanic ash ice nucleation activity is variably reduced by aging in water and sulfuric acid: the effects of leaching, dissolution, and precipitation\"

William Fahy, Elena Maters, Rona Giese-Miranda, Michael P. Adams, Leif G. Jahn, Ryan Sullivan & Benjamin Murray
Volcanic ash nucleates ice when immersed in supercooled water, giving it the potential to influence weather and climate from local to global scales. However, the ice nucleation activity (INA) of ash can be modified by interaction with various chemical species during atmospheric transport. In the experimental study associated with this dataset, we show that the INA of two mineralogically distinct ash samples from Fuego and Astroni volcanoes is variably reduced when immersed in water or...

The Temple Newsam Picture Gallery Suite: under the microscope

Ruth Hughes
A collaboration between the Bioimaging Facility and the curator at Temple Newsam House to use microscopy to analyse the wear and stitching patterns in the Picture Gallery Suite. These are the raw digital microscope images of the furniture, organised by each piece of furniture.

Search strategies and methods to identify interventions for reducing the use of restrictive practices in children and young people’s institutional settings

Judy Wright, Donna C Irving & John Baker
The dataset includes a list of databases and other sources searched for the project along with search strategies for each source. Details of methods of search strategy development and duplicate removal are also included.

CH2I2 Spectral Data

Julia Lehman & Frances C. Roberts
Dataset for the full experimental CH2I2 spectrum covering 2932.6 to 3125.4 cm-1, the raw pgopher simulation, extracted spectrum, and line list for each nu_1 simulation and nu_6 simulation, the computational results for 5 different method and basis set combinations, and the computational pgoper simulational and extracted spectrum for the wB97X_def2QZVPP computational results.

Crystallisation, Dissolution and Saturation Temperatures Data for a Model Fuel in Presence of a Cold-Flow Improver

Peter Kaskiewicz, Ruth Downie, Peter Dowding, Neil George & Kevin Roberts
Crystallisation and solubility data are provided for a model fuel in the absence and presence of a flow improving additive.

Supplementary material: Shared ground heat exchange for the decarbonisation of heat

Catherine Bale, David Barns & Josh Turner
This supplementary material was generated as part of a policy engagement project on the topic of shared ground heat exchange between December 2021 and March 2022, with support from the Research England policy support fund. The benefits, challenges and characteristics associated with shared ground heat exchange systems were identified through research by the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. A Rapid Evidence Assessment and policy mapping exercise identified initial policy actions. These were developed...

Geographical Data Science and Spatial Data Analysis: Prescribing Data

Alexis Comber & Chris Brunsdon
The dataset contains "lsoa_sf" - UK wide census data; "social" - national census attribute data from Nomisweb (ONS); "patients" open data from NHS Digital (http://digital.nhs.uk/catalogue/PUB22008); "postcodes" - open data from the Office for National Statistics, February 2017; "prescriptions" - open prescribing data from UK government Open Data portal (~120 million records); "practices" - this was also downloaded from the same place as "prescriptions" (https://data.gov.uk/dataset/176ae264-2484-4afe-a297-d51798eb8228/gp-practice-prescribing-data-presentation-level).

Global positioning system (GPS) locations and elevations of soil sampling sites across UK saltmarshes 2018 to 2021

C. Smeaton, C.J.T. Ladd, G.M. Havelock, L.C. Miller, E. Garrett, W. Hiles, L. McMahon, R.T.E. Mills, A. Radbourne, P. Ruranska, L. Rees-Hughes, S. Riegel, N.L.M. Barlow, M.W. Skov, R. Gehrels & W.E.N. Austin
The dataset details global positioning system (GPS) locations and elevations recorded for 1323 sampling sites across UK saltmarshes. Between 2018 and 2021, soil was sampled at 1323 locations as part of the Carbon Storage in Intertidal Environments (C-SIDE) project to facilitate the calculation of saltmarsh soil organic carbon stocks and burial rates. Sites were chosen to represent contrasting habitat types in the UK, in particular sediment types, vegetation and sea level history. The work was...

A Demonstration of Grover's Search Algorithm Applied to the Discrete Logarithm Problem Using a Dictionary Operator

David Jones
A jupyter notebook containing a working simulation of a quantum modular exponentiation circuit and accompanying dictionary operator.

Dataset associated with 'The effect of mutation on an aggregation-prone protein: An in vivo, in vitro and in silico analysis'

N. Gutherz, R. Van der Kant, H. Smit, M. Martinez, Yong Xu, Chi Trinh, Bogdan I. Iorga, F. Rousseau, J. Schymkowitz, David Brockwell & Sheena Radford
Aggregation of initially stably structured proteins is involved in more than 20 human amyloid diseases. Despite intense research, however, how this class of proteins assembles into amyloid fibrils remains poorly understood. We address this question using β2-microglobulin (β2m) as a model system, focusing on D76N-β2m that is involved in hereditary amyloidosis. Here, we identify the residues key to protect β2m from aggregation and we show that residue 76 has a unique ability to drive β2m...

Behavioural variation among workers promotes feed-forward loops in a simulated insect colony

Carrie Easter, Ellouise Leadbeater & Matthew Hasenjager
Coordinated responses in eusocial insect colonies arise from worker interaction networks that enable collective processing of ecologically relevant information. Previous studies have detected a structural motif in these networks known as the feed-forward loop, which functions to process information in other biological regulatory networks (e.g., transcriptional networks). However, the processes that generate feed-forward loops among workers and the consequences for information flow within the colony remain largely unexplored. We constructed an agent-based model to investigate...

Extant species fail to estimate ancestral geographical ranges at older nodes in primate phylogeny

Anna Wisniewski, Graeme T. Lloyd & Graham J. Slater
A clade’s evolutionary history is shaped, in part, by geographical range expansion, sweepstakes dispersal and local extinction. A rigorous understanding of historical biogeography may therefore yield insights into macroevolutionary dynamics such as adaptive radiation. Modern historical biogeographic analyses typically fit statistical models to molecular phylogenies, but it remains unclear whether extant species provide sufficient signal or if well-sampled phylogenies of extinct and extant taxa are necessary to produce meaningful estimates of past ranges. We investigated...

Dataset for 'An Innovative Data Processing Method for Studying Nanoparticle Formation in Droplet Microfluidics using X-rays Scattering'

Dimitry Radajewski & Fiona Meldrum
X-ray scattering techniques provide a powerful means of characterizing the formation of nanoparticles in solution. Coupling these techniques to segmented-flow microfluidic devices that offer well-defined environments gives access to in situ time-resolved analysis, excellent reproducibility, and eliminates potential radiation damage. However, analysis of the resulting datasets can be extremely time-consuming, where these comprise frames corresponding to the droplets alone, the continuous phase alone, and to both at their interface. We here describe a robust, low-cost,...

Litter decomposition rates across tropical montane and lowland forests are controlled foremost by climate

Rebecca Ostertag, Carla Restrepo, Iveren Abeim, Roxana Aragón, Michelle Ataroff, Hazel Chapman, Belen Fadrique, Grizelle González, Achim Häger, Jürgen Homeier, Luis Daniel Llambí, Rikke Reese Næsborg, Laura Nohemy Poma López, Jorge Andrés Ramirez Correa, Klara Scharnagl, Conrado Tobón, James W. Dalling, Patrick H. Martin, Iveren Abiem, Shin‐Ichiro Aiba, Esteban Alvarez‐Dávila, Augusta Y. Cueva‐Agila, Romina D. Fernández, Sybil G. Gotsch, Carlos Iñiguez‐Armijos … & Cameron B. Williams
The “hierarchy of factors” hypothesis states that decomposition rates are controlled primarily by climatic, followed by biological and soil variables. Tropical montane forests (TMF) are globally important ecosystems, yet there have been limited efforts to provide a biome-scale characterization of litter decomposition. We designed a common litter decomposition experiment replicated in 23 tropical montane sites across the Americas, Asia, and Africa and combined these results with a previous study of 23 sites in tropical lowland...

Data associated with 'Understanding the differences in wear testing method standards for total knee replacement'

Abdellatif Abdelgaied & Louise Jennings
The dataset contains material to supplement the paper “Understanding the differences in wear testing method standards for total knee replacement” including: images of Figures 1 to 12 inclusive; the graphical abstract; the raw data underpinning the figures; additional points throughout the cycle to supplement Figure 4.b: (Computational contact scars at 15%, 50%, and 85% through the gait cycle using different displacement control test methods are presented in Figure 4b, this additional data shows computational contact...

Simulation data from the publication \"Characterization of the membrane interactions of phospholipase Cγ reveals key features of the active enzyme\"

Kyle Le Huray
A repository of simulation data from the publication "Characterization of the membrane interactions of phospholipase Cγ reveals key features of the active enzyme". PLCγ enzymes are autoinhibited in resting cells and form key components of intracellular signaling that are also linked to disease development. Insights into physiological and aberrant activation of PLCg require understanding of an active, membrane bound form, that can hydrolyse inositol-lipid substrates. Here we demonstrate that PLCγ1 cannot bind membranes unless the...

Bamboo climatic tolerances are decoupled from leaf functional traits across an Andean elevation gradient

Belen Fadrique, Chris Baraloto, Catherine Bravo-Avila & Kenneth Feeley
Widespread changes in temperature and precipitation patterns present plant species with new and combined stresses that affect their performance and distribution. Functional traits are indicators of plant resource use-acquisition strategies and thus they are commonly used to understand the geographic distributions of plant species and species’ potential responses to climate change. To date, most studies have targeted a few easy-to-measure leaf traits even though other traits, such as climatic tolerances, could provide valuable information directly...

Compilation of Mineral and Glass Compositions erupted at Villarrica volcano, Chile

Felix Boschetty, David Ferguson, Joaquín Cortés, Susanna Ebmeier, Dan Morgan, Jorge Romero & Carolina Silva Parejas
A compilation of mineral and glass compositions erupted at Villarrica volcano, Chile, measured by electron microprobe. Data are sourced from published articles, theses and unpublished works. Minerals and glasses are from deposits erupted over the last 100ka. This is supporting data for the manuscript entitled 'Insights into Magma Storage Beneath a Frequently Erupting Arc Volcano (Villarrica, Chile) from Unsupervised Machine Learning Analysis of Mineral Compositions' by F. O. Boschetty, D. J. Ferguson, J. A Cortés,...

Bibliography of publications by Russian scholar in translation and literary studies Andrei Fedorov (1906-1997)

Elizaveta Vasserman
This bibliography of publications by Russian scholar in translation and literary studies Andrei Fedorov (1906-1997) has been compiled as part of Elizaveta Vasserman’s PhD research project funded by Leeds International Doctoral Scholarship. The thesis ‘Andrei Fedorov’s theory of translation and its place in the history of translation studies’ was submitted in September 2021, and the PhD was awarded in January 2022. As of the thesis submission date the bibliography was the most complete bibliography of...

Benchmark testing networks and figure files

Jonathan Ward
Matlab code and data to produce the figures in "Micro-scale foundation with error quantification for the approximation of dynamics on networks", Communications Physics, 2022, https://doi.org/10.1038/s42005-022-00834-1

The ACE software, and training materials for visualizing missing data and set-type data

Roy Ruddle, Muhammad Adnan, Richard Kavanagh, Oliver Strickson & Pamela Wochner
This dataset comprises a Java software program called ACE, for visualizing missing data and set-type data. Also include din the dataset are training materials that show how ACE can be used in several data quality and general set data analysis scenarios.

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