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Data from: Body shape transformation along a shared axis of anatomical evolution in labyrinth fishes (Anabantoidei)

David C. Collar, Michelle Quintero, Bernardo Buttler, Andrea B. Ward & Rita S. Mehta
Major morphological transformations, such as the evolution of elongate body shape in vertebrates, punctuate evolutionary history. A fundamental step in understanding the processes that give rise to such transformations is identification of the underlying anatomical changes. But as we demonstrate in this study, important insights can also be gained by comparing these changes to those that occur in ancestral and closely related lineages. In labyrinth fishes (Anabantoidei), rapid evolution of a highly derived torpedo-shaped body...

Data from: One size fits all? Determinants of sperm transfer in a highly dimorphic orb-web spider

Braulio A. Assis & Matthias W. Foellmer
The evolutionary significance of widespread hypo-allometric scaling of genital traits in combination with rapid interspecific genital trait divergence has been of key interest to evolutionary biologists for many years and remains poorly understood. Here, we provide a detailed assessment of quantitative genital trait variation in males and females of the sexually highly dimorphic and cannibalistic orb-weaving spider Argiope aurantia. We then test how this trait variation relates to sperm transfer success. In particular, we test...

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  • 2016

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