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Data from: Hybridization and introgression in two ecologically dissimilar Fundulus hybrid zones

Jacob F. Schaefer, David D. Duvernell, Dave Cooper Campbell & Jacob Schaefer
Hybridization and introgression appear more common in rapidly evolving groups, suggesting an important role in the evolutionary process. Detailed studies of how extrinsic or intrinsic forces regulate hybridization and introgression have the potential for broadening our understanding of mechanisms generating diversity. Species in the Fundulus notatus species complex have broad overlapping ranges and occur in replicated hybrid zones along predictable stream gradients. Typical hybrid zone structure has F. olivaceus in headwaters, F. notatus downstream, and...

Data from: The interactive effects of photoperiod and future climate change may have negative consequences for a wide-spread invasive insect

Donald A. Yee, Nnaemeka F. Ezeakacha & Karen C. Abbott
Increasing global temperatures may affect many ectotherms, including insects, although increasing temperatures are thought to benefit future populations through effects on adult size, fecundity, or populations. However, the way that temperature may interact with photoperiod is not well understood. We study this problem using the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus, an important worldwide invasive whose future spread is thought to be affected by changes in climate. We investigated how mass at maturity varied with temperature...

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  • 2016

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