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Long-term minnow community data from the Bayou Pierre, Mississippi

Loren Stearman
Long-term community monitoring is becoming an important tool for ecological studies. Historical data are present in a variety of sources but often require considerable effort to extract, filter, and verify prior to analyses. In this dataset we document minnow (sensu lato, Cyprinidae + Leuciscidae) communities in the Bayou Pierre, Mississippi. We include filtered community data from twelve localities and three time periods (1974-75, 1985-89, 2019-20) derived from a mixture of literature, museum collections, and contemporary...

Towards bio-inspired polymer adhesives: Activation assisted via HOBt for grafting of dopamine onto poly(acrylic acid)

Erik Alberts, Payagala Fernando, Travis Thornell, Hannah George, Ashlyn M. Koval, Manoj K. Shukla, Charles Weiss & Lee Moores
The design of bio-inspired polymers has long been an area of intense study, however applications to the design of concrete admixtures for improved materials performance have been relatively unexplored. In this work we functionalized poly(acrylic acid) (PAA), a simple analogue to polycarboxylate ether admixtures in concrete, with dopamine to form a catechol-bearing polymer (PAA-g-DA). Synthetic routes utilizing hydroxybenzotriazole (HOBt) as an activating agent were examined for their ability in grafting dopamine to the PAA backbone....

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  • 2022

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  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • Simetri (United States)
  • Engineer Research and Development Center
  • Bennett Aerospace (United States)