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Data from: Seed set variation in wild Clarkia populations: teasing apart the effects of seasonal resource depletion, pollen quality, and pollen quantity

Alisa A. Hove, Susan J. Mazer & Christopher T. Ivey
In habitats where resource availability declines during the growing season, selection may favor early-flowering individuals. Under such ephemerally favorable conditions, late-blooming species (and individuals) may be particularly vulnerable to resource limitation of seed production. In California, a region prone to seasonal drought, members of the annual genus Clarkia are among the last to flower in the spring. We compared pollen limitation (PL) of seed set and outcrossing rates between early- and late-flowering individuals in two...

Data from: White shark genome reveals ancient elasmobranch adaptations associated with wound healing and the maintenance of genome stability

Nicholas J. Marra, Michael J. Stanhope, Nathaniel K. Jue, Minghui Wang, Qi Sun, Paulina P. Bitar, Vincent P. Richards, Aleksey Komissarov, Mike Rayko, Sergey Kliver, Bryce J. Stanhope, Chuck Winkler, Stephen J. O'Brien, Agostinho Antunes, Salvador J. Jorgensen & Mahmood S. Shivji
The white shark (Carcharodon carcharias; Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) is one of the most publicly recognized marine animals. Here we report the genome sequence of the white shark and comparative evolutionary genomic analyses to the chondrichthyans, whale shark (Elasmobranchii) and elephant shark (Holocephali), as well as various vertebrates. The 4.63-Gbp white shark genome contains 24,520 predicted genes, and has a repeat content of 58.5%. We provide evidence for a history of positive selection and gene-content enrichments regarding...

Why we fail: stakeholders' perceptions of the social and ecological barriers to reforestation in southern Malawi

Abigail Whittaker
Reversing deforestation is a pressing challenge for planetary health and global development, yet the path to restoring forests on a globally significant scale is ill-defined, and government implementation of afforestation projects often generates conflict with user groups. Understanding the needs and values of forest-reliant stakeholders in developing countries and effectively engaging them in forest landscape restoration planning and implementation are critical steps toward meeting afforestation goals, and yet few examples of inclusive participatory processes applied...

Data on universities offering undergraduate degrees that train students for soil science careers at universities in the USA and its territories

Eric C. Brevik, Holly Dolliver, Susan Edinger-Marshall, Danny Itkin, Jodi Johnson-Maynard, Garrett Liles, Monday Mbila, Colby Moorberg, Yaniria Sanchez-De Leon, Joshua J. Steffan, April Ulery & Karen Vaughan
Several soil science education studies over the last 15 years have focused on the number of students enrolled in soil science programs. However, no studies have quantitatively addressed the number of undergraduate soil science preparatory programs that exist in the United States, which means we do not have solid data concerning whether overall program numbers are declining, rising, or holding steady. This also means we do not have complete data on the same trends for...

Coordination of hydraulic and morphological traits across dominant grasses in eastern Australia

Robert Griffin-Nolan, Jeff Chieppa, Alan Knapp, Uffe Nielsen & David Tissue
1. Leaf hydraulic traits characterize plant drought tolerance and responses to climate change. Yet, plant hydraulics are biased towards northern hemisphere woody species. We collected rhizomes of several perennial grass species along a precipitation gradient in eastern Australia and grew them in an experimental garden to investigate potential tradeoffs between drought tolerance and plant morphology. 2. We measured the following leaf hydraulic traits: the leaf water potential (Ψleaf) at 50% and 88% loss of leaf...

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