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Isotopologue distributions of fatty acid oxidation inhibition in U87 glioma cells

Jantzen Sperry, Michael C. Condro, Lea Guo, Daniel Braas, Nathan Vanderveer-Harris, Kristen K. O. Kim, Whitney B. Pope, Ajit S. Divakaruni, Albert Lai, Heather Christofk, Maria G. Castro, Pedro R. Lowenstein, Janel Le Belle & Harley I. Kornblum
Glioblastoma (GBM) metabolism has traditionally been characterized by a primary dependence on aerobic glycolysis, prompting the use of the ketogenic diet (KD) as a potential therapy. In this study we evaluated the effectiveness of the KD in GBM and assessed the role of fatty acid oxidation (FAO) in promoting GBM propagation. In vitro assays revealed FA utilization throughout the GBM metabolome, and growth inhibition in nearly every cell line in a broad spectrum of patient-derived...

Rest-task modulation of fMRI-derived global signal topography is mediated by transient co-activation patterns

Jianfeng Zhang, Zirui Huang, Shankar Tumati & Georg Northoff
Recent resting-state fMRI studies have revealed that the global signal (GS) exhibits a non-uniform spatial distribution across the gray matter. Whether this topography is informative remains largely unknown. We therefore tested rest-task modulation of global signal topography by analyzing static global signal correlation and dynamic co-activation patterns in a large sample of fMRI dataset (n=837) from the Human Connectome Project. The GS topography in the resting-state and in seven different tasks was first measured by...

A 12-month-old with hypotonia and developmental delays

Elizabeth Ames, Kerri Neville, Nancy Mcnamara, Catherine Keegan & Sarah Elsea
This data shows the references cited in the case report for the diagnosis of a 12-month-old girl who was referred to the pediatric neuromuscular clinic for evaluation of hypotonia and weakness and ultimately found to have 2 variants of uncertain significance in the NFU1 gene (NM _001002755.2 c.398T>C; p.Leu133Pro and NM _001002755.2 c.299C>G; p.Ala100Gly). Biochemical testing including CSF metabolomics confirmed her diagnosis of NFU1-related multiple mitochondrial dysfunctions syndrome (type 1).

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  • 2020

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