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Data from: An integrative phylogenomic approach illuminates the evolutionary history of cockroaches and termites (Blattodea)

Dominic A. Evangelista, Benjamin Wipfler, Olivier Béthoux, Alexander Donath, Mari Fujita, Manpreet K. Kohli, Frédéric Legendre, Shanlin Liu, Ryuichiro Machida, Berhard Misof, Ralph Peters, Lars Podsiadlowski, Jes Rust, Kai Schuette, Ward Tollenaar, Jessica L. Ware, Torsten Wappler, Xin Zhou, Karen Meusemann & Sabrina Simon
READMEREADME of Supplementary Archives and included files of Evangelista et al. 2019Evangelista_et_al_README_DRYAD.pdfSupplementary Archive 1Files included in Supplementary Archive 1, see Evangelista_et_al_README_DRYAD.pdfSupplementary_Archive_1.zipSupplementary Archive 2Files included in Supplementary Archive 2, see Evangelista_et_al_README_DRYAD.pdfSupplementary_Archive_2.zip

Data from: Species asynchrony and response diversity determine multifunctional stability of natural grasslands

Takehiro Sasaki, Xiaoming Lu, Mitsuru Hirota & Yongfei Bai
1. A growing body of empirical evidence has suggested that biodiversity affects the simultaneous performance of multiple ecosystem functions (that is, ecosystem multifunctionality). Given increasing environmental variability and uncertainty under global change, an emerging question is how biodiversity influences the stability of multiple functions (that is, multifunctional stability). We currently know little, however, about the determinants and mechanisms of multifunctional stability, which is of practical importance for ensuring the sustainable provision of multiple functions. 2....

Data from: A simple micropump based on a freeze-dried superabsorbent polymer for multiplex solution processing in disposable devices

Gokul Chandra Biswas, , Takekoshi Kazuhiro & Hiroaki Suzuki
We describe a simple micropump for disposable microfluidic devices. The pump is constructed using a freeze-dried disc of a superabsorbent polymer (SAP). The disc absorbs a solution in a flow channel and swells upward in a pumping chamber. Despite the simple structure of this device, the rate of absorption remains constant and can be adjusted by changing the composition of the SAP, its size, the dimensions of the flow channel, and the medium to be...

Data from: Old World and New World Phasmatodea: phylogenomics resolve the evolutionary history of stick and leaf insects

Sabrina Simon, Harald Letsch, Sarah Bank, Thomas R. Buckley, Alexander Donath, Shanlin Liu, Ryuichiro Machida, Karen Meusemann, Bernhard Misof, Lars Podsiadlowski, Xin Zhou, Benjamin Wipfler & Sven Bradler
Phasmatodea comprises over 3,000 extant species and stands out as one of the last remaining insect orders for which a robust, higher-level phylogenetic hypothesis is lacking. New research suggests that the extant diversity is the result of a surprisingly recent and rapid radiation that has been difficult to resolve with standard Sanger sequence data. In order to resolve the early branching events of stick and leaf insects, we analyzed transcriptomes from 61 species, including 38...

Data from: No signal of deleterious mutation accumulation in conserved gene sequences of extant asexual hexapods

Alexander Brandt, Jens Bast, Stefan Scheu, Karen Meusemann, Alexander Donath, Kai Schütte, Ryuichiro Machida & Ken Kraaijeveld
Loss of sex and recombination is generally assumed to impede the effectiveness of purifying selection and to result in the accumulation of slightly deleterious mutations. Empirical evidence for this has come from several studies investigating mutational load in a small number of individual genes. However, recent whole transcriptome based studies have yielded inconsistent results, hence questioning the validity of the assumption of mutational meltdown in asexual populations. Here, we study the effectiveness of purifying selection...

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