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X-Ray CT scans of barley panicles and their individual seeds from the Composite Cross II experiment

Erik Amézquita, Michelle Quigley, Tim Ophelders, Jacob Landis, Daniel Koenig, Elizabeth Munch & Daniel Chitwood
Shape plays a fundamental role in biology. Traditional phenotypic analysis methods measure some features but fail to measure the information embedded in shape comprehensively. To extract, compare, and analyze this information embedded in a robust and concise way, we turn to Topological Data Analysis (TDA), specifically the Euler Characteristic Transform. TDA measures shape comprehensively using mathematical representations based on algebraic topology features. To study its use, we compute both traditional and topological shape descriptors to...

Dataset for: Mid-infrared silicon-on-insulator wavegudes with single-mode propagation over an octave of frequency

Callum John Stirling, Wei Cao, Jamie Reynolds, Zhibo Qu, Thomas Bradley, Lorenzo Mastronardi, Frederic Gardes, Goran Mashanovich & Milos Nedeljkovic
Experimental and simulation data for the paper: Callum J. Stirling, Wei Cao, Jamie D. Reynolds, Zhibo Qu, Thomas D. Bradley, Lorenzo Mastronardi, Frederic Y. Gardes, Goran Z. Mashanovich, Milos Nedeljkovic. (2021). Mid-infrared silicon-on-insulator wavegudes with single-mode propagation over an octave of frequency, Optics Express

Data from: How oscillating aerodynamic forces explain the timbre of the hummingbird's hum and other animals in flapping flight

Ben Hightower, Patrick Wijnings, Rick Scholte, Rivers Ingersoll, Diana Chin, Jade Nguyen, Daniel Shorr & David Lentink
The source of the hummingbird's distinctive hum is not fully understood, but there are clues to its origin in the acoustic nearfield. Hence we studied six freely hovering Anna’s hummingbirds, performing acoustic nearfield holography using a 2176 microphone array in vivo, while also directly measuring the 3D aerodynamic forces using a new aerodynamic force platform. We corroborate the acoustic measurements by developing a first-principles acoustic model that integrates the aerodynamic forces with wing kinematics, which...

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  • 2021

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