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Data from: Molecular signatures of lineage-specific adaptive evolution in a unique sea basin: the example of an anadromous goby Leucopsarion petersii

Tomoyuki Kokita, Sayaka Takahashi & Hiroki Kumada
Climate changes on various time scales often shape genetic novelty and adaptive variation in many biotas. We explored molecular signatures of directional selection in populations of the ice goby Leucopsarion petersii inhabiting a unique sea basin, the Sea of Japan, where a wide variety of environments existed in the Pleistocene in relation to shifts in sea level by repeated glaciations. This species consisted of two historically allopatric lineages, the Japan Sea (JS) and Pacific Ocean...

Data from: The genetic architecture of growth rate in juvenile Takifugu species.

Sho Hosoya, Wataru Kai, Masashi Fujita, Kadoo Miyaki, Hiroaki Suetake, Yuzuru Suzuki & Kiyoshi Kikuchi
Closely related species have often evolved dramatic differences in body size. Takifugu rubripes (fugu) is a large marine pufferfish whose genome has been sequenced, whereas T. niphobles is the smallest species among Takifugu. We show that, unsurprisingly, the juvenile growth rate of T. rubripes is higher than that of T. niphobles in a laboratory setting. We produced F2 progenies of their F1 hybrids and found one quantitative trait locus (QTL) significantly associated with variation in...

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  • 2012

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  • Fukui Prefectural University
  • University of Tokyo